Garth Brooks Reveals He Showered With A Famous Rockstar

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Garth Brooks just revealed that he shared the shower with a famous rockstar. The country music sensation sat down to chat with Kelly Clarkson on her talk show recently to share some tidbits on what he’s been doing lately and one particular piece of info had the American Idol alum in stitches. Keep reading to find out who his showering buddy was.

Garth Brooks got quite a surprise

Kelly Clarkson played a game called Rockstar Roulette with Garth Brooks in which they both had to reveal something about a famous rocker or a rock group. When the talk show host spun the wheel, it landed on Aerosmith. That, of course, led to talk about Steven Tyler. Kelly recalled wanting to marry the lead singer when she was young. She then turned to Garth talking about a song he covered by Aerosmith. At first, she didn’t hear him say, “I showered with him.” After she realized what he just said, Kelly excitingly waited for him to explain.

Garth Brooks explained that he, along with Billy Joel and Steven Tyler, was playing the Last Play at Shea Stadium before it was torn down in 2008. He was running late and decided to quickly hop into one of the baseball showers they had there. Right in the middle of his shower and with soap in his eyes, he got an unexpected visitor. It was Steven Tyler! “How many people get to say that?” Garth asked.

Not one to miss a beat, Kelly Clarkson shrugged, saying, “Who knows?” Garth seemed to take it all in stride though. They both got a good laugh reminiscing about the unexpected situation Garth Brooks found himself in.

What’s next for Garth?

The next few months will be quite busy for Garth. Beginning on May 18, the Friends in Low Places singer is kicking off his Las Vegas residency called Garth Brooks/Plus One. The ‘plus one’ could be just about anyone he chooses to bring on stage with him, as he told Good Morning America. One of his special guests will most likely be his wife Trisha Yearwood. She has shared the stage many times with her husband. They are one of country music’s power couples and fans love to see them on stage together.

In the GMA interview, Garth Brooks revealed how humbled he is by the fact that fans show up to see him play. When asked what makes him so big, Garth said that he thinks he is the best at having fun. That may certainly be true because all the tickets for 2023 are already sold out. New dates for 2024 have recently been added.

What are your thoughts on Garth Brooks sharing a shower with the one and only Steven Tyler? Share your comments below.


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