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Cody Johnson is talking about how he is getting to do his dream duet with Carrie Underwood. The country singer didn’t want anyone else for this song and it is finally coming out soon. This is one that you know will be a hit with these two stars on it.

The Perfect Song For This Pair

Cody explained that he heard this song six years ago, but it didn’t work out at the time. He said, “The song in particular — and I won’t go into too much detail about it because I’d like to save some sizzle of surprise for you guys — from the moment I heard the song and this was six years ago, I wanted to record it and I wanted to do a duet with Carrie because I heard her voice on it.”

He explained that they were holding the song for the person who wrote it, so Cody didn’t get to record it. Things changed though and it never made it on their album. Cody made it clear that he wasn’t doing the song unless he got Carrie on it, though. He said his team asked, “What if she says no? What about this artist? What about this female artist? This female artist?”  He replied to them “I said, ‘I didn’t want to record it unless I can have Carrie on it.'” Lucky for him, Carrie said “yes.”


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Cody Johnson’s Dream Came True

Cody Johnson was able to get his hands on the song and even have Carrie Underwood sing the duet with him. Cody wouldn’t give out very many spoilers about it, though. This duet will be on his upcoming album, but he hasn’t released the name of it just yet. He also isn’t revealing the name of the song, but you know this one is going to be a hit. This is the perfect pairing and fans would love to see them perform it live. This sounds like the perfect awards show performance.


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Are you excited for Cody Johnson and Carrie Underwood’s new duet? Sound off in the comments below. You may have to wait a bit for it, though. Cody shared that he doesn’t know when the duet will be released, but that it will be coming out.

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