Trisha Yearwood Officiates Wedding, Sings ‘She’s In Love With The Girl’

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Trisha Yearwood just officiated a wedding and sang the song “She’s In Love With The Boy” by changing up the lyrics to “She’s In Love With The Girl.” Get the details of this great day by reading on.

Trisha Yearwood’s First Time To Change Lyrics

Back in June of 2021, Trisha Yearwood changed her lyrics of “She’s In Love With The Boy” to “She’s In Love With The Girl.” CMT shared about this big change and how it went down. She was joined on stage by Brooke Eden to perform the song at the Grand Ole Opry. Brooke is a very open member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Trisha changed the lyrics to fit Brooke and her partner Hilary Hoover. Brooke called the night “a dream.”

The comments on the tweet above went crazy with support for Trisha Yearwood’s big change. Here is what some of them had to say:

  • Epic. Please tell me someone recorded the whole song. This is pure history in the making.
  • I was listening to WSM in Wisconsin. I screamed when I heard this. Epic. Someone please post the whole video.
  • Trisha, you are just amazing. Thanks for the love and respect you give us in the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Thank you,@trishayearwood. That was a great kindness. I am sure @BrookeEdenMusic will never forget that kind of support. Neither will I. Thank you for being an ally. You’re so multitalented and using your incredible platform like that will make a huge impact.
  • Thank you for sharing this! As a woman who grew up in the south with country music but who felt there was never really a place for her after she came out, this is everything. <3

Trisha Officiates Wedding

Brooke Eden shared on TikTok about her big wedding day and that Trisha Yearwood actually officiated the event. It sounds like she also changed the lyrics once again to “She’s In Love With The Girl” for their big day. You can see what she shared on TikTok below.


When Trisha Yearwood changes the words to “She’s In Love With The Girl” and then officiates your wedding…to THE GIRL 😍 #wlw #countrywedding #lgbtq #lgbtqwedding #wlwwedding #yallmeansall #queercountry

♬ Shes in Love with the Girl – Brooke Eden

There are a ton of comments that fans think she should record this version of the song. It is one that you don’t want to miss hearing. There are also a lot of comments by people that say they have been singing it this way for years.

What do you think of Trisha Yearwood’s new version of the song “She’s In Love With The Boy”? Sound off in the comments below.

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