Jimmie Allen Heads Out On Comedy Tour Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Jimmie Allen
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With celebrities often getting away with heinous behavior, such as sexual assault, and the MeToo movement emerging in 2017, the exposing of these individuals, has become more prevalent.  However, because there is still a lack of full accountability within the industry, some are still able to get away with doing tours and shows, amid specific scandals. With Jimmie Allen and his upcoming comedy tour, there will be a focus on his craft, amid the scandals that have come in place.

Jimmie Allen/Instagram

Jimmie Allen’s Comedy Tour

The comedy tour can be expected in the fall, as Jimmie Allen continues to build his audience, through specific events that will appeal to his fans.  Although Allen is a country musician, his mix of this strong genre of music, combined with comedy, helps with Allen’s variety.  Best of all, this comedy tour will last for three days, giving fans all time that they need to enjoy his comedy and what it brings to the table.

While the tour will be taking place in the fall, there are no specific dates yet.  As such, fans need to keep their eyes peeled for upcoming dates.  As for the tour itself, it is called, “I said what I said”, with information posted about it on Allen’s Instagram. One of the important aspects about the name of this tour is that it demonstrates how Allen is able to connect to his fans, through a strong title that reflects his personality, as well as his passions in life.  If there is one thing Allen knows how to do, it is appeal to his audience.

Connection Behind the Fame

One of the strongest facets of Allen’s love for comedy is how it relates to his upbringing.  When Jimmie Allen was young, he would stand up in high school and college, which connects with what he does today.  Moreover, this helped Allen to build an audience, and through this, he learned how to connect to specific audiences, through his music.  The reason why there is a strong connection between Allen’s comedy and music is that both have drawn in the masses and aided in providing a strong audience.

Jimmie Allen/YouTube

Allen’s Current Scandal Amid the Tour

Something that is also important to note, is that this planning of Allen’s tour has been going on, during his sexual harassment scandal.  It has come out as of late, that allegations have come out against Allen, for acts of sexual harassment against two women. Some of the disturbing instances, including groping a woman’s breast, as well as making her feel his erect penis. The reason why this ties into Allen’s comedy tour, is because it has people questioning the ethic of accountability.  It also begs the question. Will fewer people attend Allen’s concert, due to his actions?  How much trust have his fans lost in him?

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