Jimmie Allen Takes A Fiery Stand On Social Media Trolls

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Jimmie Allen loves his life this summer.  The ever-affable country music hitmaker who proclaims the abandon of “Freedom Was A Highway” with his good pal, Brad Paisley, and honors his own Papa wIth “Down Home” is on the road to support Tulip Drive, another collaborative album featuring some very famous friends on a first-name basis with the versatile singer, songwriter, and producer. Certainly, Jimmie Allen savors nothing more than seeing his faithful fans getting into his new tunes and delighting in a summer barbecue.  When it comes to certain followers who only find time to make negative comments or cast aspersions, however, Allen pledges that they will not be spared from his fire, as confirmed in a Heavy feature.  In fact, the artist has every intention to “roast” social media attackers– they better prepare to be on the spit!

Most of the time, delete does the trick for Jimmie Allen

Clearly, the hard-working, family man Jimmie Allen generally keeps his infectious, broad grin ready to brighten the day of anyone in this orbit. “One thing I’ll never understand,” declares the “Home Sweet Hometown” singer, “is how you let someone’s negative comments on your post affect you.”  Allen relates that the verbal spews are “just words by people that say whatever they want to say but would never say that to your face.” Assuredly, Jimmie Allen reminds, “Like y’all, don’t let that bother your day,” sounding like a wise father. “It’s simple: just delete it.”

In contrast, though, Jimmie Allen delineates “crazy” remarks from those that are the typical naysayer nonsense. He vows that “brave souls out there” who dare to “try me” soon discover that “I’m not like most country singers.”  “I will clap back and you will get roasted,” Jimmie Allen gleefully assures in his social media “heads up.”

The strength to speak up and speak out starts early for Jimmie Allen

As it happens, Country Music Alley covered Jimmie Allen’s adamant conviction about standing up and speaking out on things that matter last summer, with the debut of his children’s book, My Voice Is A Trumpet.

In the run-up to the book, Jimmie reveals his own struggles of “talking in person” and “reading in public” that provoked stuttering. A speech pathologist prompted Jimmy her pupil to speak in sing-songy phrases, opening a new world of confidence and music to Jimmie Allen.

The author and parent reiterates how all of nature possesses a voice and encourages children to find their voice through whatever expression they choose– from sign language to art.

Consistently, Jimmie Allen endorses his faithful followers to “Stand your ground and always be you,” as he shared in a Twitter message in early July.  Staying true to one’s self surpasses any popularity test to be liked, no matter the age.

Jimmie Allen knows the ties that bind

His perpetual energy seems to propel Jimmie Allen through this frenetic summer. He makes an October 1 stop in Schenectady, NY at Frog Alley Brewery before hooking up in support of Carrie Underwood’s Denim & Rhinestones Tour on October 15 in Greenville, SC.

Without a doubt, Jimmie is all set for underwear and socks while hitting the road with Carrie. There’s also no doubt that on the road or at home, love burns bright in the Jimmie Allen family. In February, Allen fired back at a remark contending that his lovely bride, Alexis Gale, is only with him “for the money.”

The powerhouse performer responds with confidence that “she’d never be with you.” The faithful husband declares that Alexis had her own money, per her family. Fans familiar with the couple’s longtime love story know that a big part of Jimmie’s attraction to Alexis was her dedication to becoming a nurse. Now, as a mom to baby, Zara, a toddler, Naomi, and big brother Aadyn, she’s putting all those skills, compassion, and more into practice every day.  As daddy Jimmie Allen promises in a beautiful ballad from Tulip Drive, “You Won’t Be Alone” (featuring Aadyn). Arms are open as wide as the loving hearts in this country music clan.

Keep checking back with Country Music Alley for the latest updates and happenings in Jimmie Allen’s world. He’s sure to have something to say!

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