Tim McGraw Says His Daughters Refuse To Collaborate With Him

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Tim McGraw and his three daughters won’t be collaborating. Surely, that would be cool to join your dad in what could be a hit song. It would also be another reason, to spend time with family. So what’s the reason behind their decision? To find out more continue reading.

Tim McGraw Says His Daughters Refuse To Collaborate With Him

Tim McGraw is a legendary country singer, but to his daughters Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey he is just their dad. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tim stated, “I’d love to do a song with all five of us at some point”. This includes his wife Faith Hill, who is also a country legend. But in regards to his daughters singing with him in the future, he went on to say, “They’re like I ain’t singing with you, dad”. However, he then explained the trio would sing with their mom Faith Hill.


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That’s not a total surprise though, Faith is a crowd favorite. Even Tim McGraw said, “I’m probably not up to par with the rest of them. I’m the worst singer in the family”. Faith and Tim have been married for twenty-seven years. The couple have done their own collaborations, including shared concerts in the past. Tim mentioned that he would do another one with his wife. Saying, “In my opinion, she’s one of the greatest singers in the world”. Many people would agree with his statement.

As far as his daughters, Tim McGraw goes on to say, “They’re the life of the party every time they’re around”. His children seem to be a huge inspiration for him. Also,  all three daughters have caught the singing gene and are talented just like their parents.

Tim McGraw’s daughters have already shown how well they can sing. Maggie sings in a band called “Sister Supply”, and Aubrey shows off her vocals on Instagram performing cover songs. Back in 2019, oldest daughter Gracie impressed dad Tim McGraw during their duet of “What Kind Of Fool” by Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibbs on his YouTube Channel. He praised her by saying, “Dang this girl can sing”.

Fans may not get a song from the musical family, but Tim has a new album titled “Standing Room Only” coming August 25th. It will be the 17th studio album for him. Tim has said wife Faith Hill is a fan of the album. “She makes me play it all the time at home”. It’s nice to see couples supporting each other’s music.

Do you think Tim McGraw’s daughters are right in their decision? Or would the family collaboration be a good idea? Let us know your thoughts about this and stay tuned for his upcoming “Standing Room Only” album!

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