Oliver Anthony Tells Fans Not To Buy Tickets, Cancels Concert

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Anthony Oliver took to Facebook to tell his fans not to buy tickets to his show at Cotton Eyed Joe. In the same Facebook post, he apologized for the price of the tickets. This country music star was very upset when he learned the price of the tickets.

Anthony Oliver’s Friend Setting Up Shows

Oliver explained to his fans he has a friend “setting up gigs” for him. It was this friend who made the arrangements for Anthony Oliver to have a concert at Cotton Eyed Joes in Knoxville, Tennessee on September 27th.

When Oliver learned of the prices, he quickly let his fans know he didn’t want them paying that much to see him sing. It appears that Anthony Oliver is truly trying to keep the prices low so more of his fans can see him. With prices as high for everything else, he is looking out for his fans.

Free Meet And Greet For Fans

Anthony Oliver did not approve or even like the fact that his fans were going to have to pay for the meet and greet. He wanted it to be free. “It’s also horses**t that they’re charging extra for the VIP meet and greet,” Anthony commented on his Facebook post. “Those are supposed to be free.”

Oliver Anthony doesn’t want his fans to have to pay in order to see him in person. From his Facebook post, he is working hard to make sure no one pays for the meet and greet at Cotton Eyed Joe’s. From what he said, he is taking care of this as quickly as possible.

Rescheduling Is Possible

Oliver Anthony is working on this issue. He went as far as to say “if we have to reschedule this event somewhere else we will.” He is currently “working out the details.”

At the time of publication, it was unknown exactly how Anthony was going to work out those details. He is adamant about his fans not paying any more money than absolutely necessary.

How Much Were Fans Paying?

According to the Cotton Eyed Joe website, the cost of one ticket was $90. The price for the meet and greet, which Oliver wants to be free, was set at $199. Obviously, this didn’t set well with Oliver Anthony. He does not want his fans paying that much per ticket.

“These are supposed to be affordable shows,” Oliver Anthony said in his Facebook post. “Please don’t pay $90 for a ticket.”

Oliver Anthony’s Ideal Price For Concerts

Oliver Anthony told his friend setting up the concerts he wouldn’t want his fans to pay for tickets “more than $40 a ticket.” He would actually prefer the cost of concert tickets to only be $25. Whether his fans pay $25 per ticket or $40 per ticket, it is still an excellent price to see such a country music star.

Oliver Anthony appears to be a rarity in today’s music industry. He has told his fans not to buy tickets to his concerts. Who does that? Do you think he is looking out for his fans? How much would you be willing to pay to see Oliver Anthony? Do you appreciate him trying to save his fans money? Let us know what you think and sound off in the comments below.

Update: Oliver Anthony then revealed that the concert was canceled.

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