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Oliver Anthony
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After all the drama surrounding concert ticket prices for Oliver Anthony’s concert, the rising country music star announced future prices to his future concerts. This came after a day of drama, finger-pointing and fans falling deeper in love with Oliver.

What The Drama Was About

All of the drama started when Oliver Anthony took to Facebook to tell his fans not to buy tickets to his upcoming concert in Knoxville, Tennessee. The country singer was not the least bit happy about concertgoers having to pay $99 per ticket.

Oliver Anthony went to call the prices of the concert tickets “horses**t.” He said he never wanted ticket prices to his concerts to be so expensive. He added he didn’t want his ticket prices to be more than $40.

Anthony ended up canceling the concert. In his post, he told ticket buyers, that if the venue wouldn’t refund their money, he would do it himself. He wants his concerts to be affordable and will not tolerate high ticket prices.

Oliver Anthony’s Booking Agent Is A Plumber

From Anthony’s post, fans learned he used a friend to “book his gigs.” It is unknown if this friend knew the venue would be charging concerts $99 per ticket and $199 for the concert and meet and greet after the concert.

It turns out his friend is not a booking agent. Oliver Anthony’s friend is actually a plumber by trade. At the time of publication, it was unknown if his friend has any experience as a booking agent.

Fans Supporting Oliver Anthony

Fans flocked to Oliver Anthony’s Facebook account, voicing their support of the country music singer. They seemed to be thrilled he was standing up against the high ticket prices music fans of all genres have to pay to attend a concert.

The one post Anthony made apologizing for the ticket prices has 150 likes and loves combined. As more of his fans learn about his decision to cancel the concert due to the cost of the tickets, that number is sure to go up. They appear to be thankful to Oliver Anthony for standing up for them.

New Oliver Anthony Concert Ticket Prices

In a new Facebook post, Oliver Anthony announced his concert ticket prices will be $25. The $25 price will not be available for his two upcoming shows at Poppy Mountain and Louder Than Life.

Just as Oliver Anthony wanted, he announced all the meet and greets after the shows will be free. He does not want his fans to have to pay (and certainly not pay extra) to get to see him. Fans will certainly appreciate this.

What do you think of all this? Was Oliver Anthony right to cancel his concert because he believed the ticket prices were too high? What do you think about his friend making the concert arrangements? Do you think $25 is a good price for concert tickets? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Here’s a man who puts his money where his mouth is, so to speak. Absolutely unheard of in ANY entertainment venue!

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