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In his first national interview, Christopher Anthony Lunsford (AKA Oliver Anthony Music) calls out ‘corporate schmucks’ in Nashville and explains why you won’t find him co-writing songs in the city nicknamed Music City. Keep reading for all the details. Oliver Anthony Preps For Worldwide Tour It’s been just over three months since Christopher Anthony Lunsford
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Jason Isbell recently spoke out about the new artist Oliver Anthony, and it is safe to say he is not fond of the songwriter’s lyrics. Was Isbell too harsh? Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North Of Richmond” Christopher Anthony Lunsford is a 31-year-old male country artist from Virginia. His career took off in August when a
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After blowing up country music, Oliver Anthony has finally signed with an agent. The “Rich Men North Of Richmond” singer signed with United Talent Agency. UTA also represents Taylor Swift, Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen. Oliver Anthony’s Rise In Country Music Oliver Anthony got his start on YouTube. He began posting his music videos there and
Newfound famous singer, Oliver Anthony, is receiving backlash for changing venues and dates on his recent concert, despite his good intentions. Oliver Anthony Fires Against High Ticket Prices Oliver had a recent disagreement with a company after he found out they were charging his tickets much higher than he originally planned. Here is what he
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After Oliver Anthony’s song, “Rich Men North Of Richmond” was used in a political debate, politicians have been putting in their two cents about his lyrics. One politician even personally visited Oliver Anthony to share his views on the song. Oliver Anthony’s Song Shared In GOP Debate For those who missed it, Christopher Anthony Lunsford’s