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Undeniably, Tim McGraw reigns as one of the enduring kings in the realm of country music. Unforgettably, his sense of passion and purpose transformed Live Like You Were Dying and Humble and Kind into massive social movements, far beyond hit songs. With his bride of 27 years, Faith Hill, at his side in life, the studio, and onstage, the two have created some of the most timeless love songs ever heard by human ears, as American Songwriter chronicles.

Now, as Tim McGraw celebrates the release of Standing Room Only, his 16th studio album and yet another emotional life journey in song, it seems easy to think that the megastar has his mind on new set lists or other concerns of his tour in support of the album, set to launch next year. On the contrary, however, the hitmaker appears to be absorbed in the possibility of an NSYNC reunion, as Yahoo relates, joining in on the elation of Taylor Swift following the boy band’s VMA Awards performance. Not only does Tim applaud the NSYNC reunion, but he’s the first to put himself in line for another duet (eh, sextet?) with the guys!


The song only grows sweeter with the years

Considering the roster of song partners rallied by Tim McGraw through the years, the sentimental and sonic response to the 2001 collaboration with Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick, a.k.a. NSYNC, is remarkable.

The November 2001 concert event was part of a TV special at the Atlantis Hotel at Paradise Island, Bahamas. In a pre-performance clip, the men of NSYNC sum up their esteem for Tim McGraw. He gets points for being “a man’s man” and having “a beautiful wife,” from Mississippi, no less, praises Lance Bass.  Tennessee native, Justin Timberlake, notes the “down home” demeanor of the artist from Start, Louisiana.

After revisiting the jam session with the boys for Lean On Me and the performance of Stand By Me, Tim McGraw offers his own strong praise. It was “better than [he] remembered,” the 56-year-old insists.

Furthermore, Tim McGraw elaborates that it was he who felt the most nervous tension. “I was nervous as heck singing with those guys,” he credits. “You notice, when they’re doing their three-part or four-part harmonies, or five-part, whatever they’re doing, I stayed out of that mess.” The reason is simple: “Cause I would have screwed that up big-time,” the Letter From Heaven singer determines.

Indeed, years make the memories grow fonder. Without qualification, McGraw dubs his singing with NSYNC as “a highlight of my career” in his social media post.

Tim wants to do more than reminisce

On another fun note, ”old man” Tim McGraw teases that he “corrupted” the young singers on a spree of gambling following the show. Clearly, McGraw isn’t as gooey-eyed as Taylor Swift is over NSYNC v. 2.0, but he is very serious about making music.

Kicking the door wide open with his boots and best manners, Tim proposes “If the rumors are true… Maybe we can do this again sometime @nsync.”

Obviously, such a genuine request from a longtime friend deserves a boost to the front of the line for guest performances– fans can only hope.

Even a glance brings Tim to tears

Speaking of big nights, Tim McGraw shared one recently that never arrives for most artists. He earned the ACM Icon Award back in August, and nothing about the top-tier country music star’s acceptance speech held a hint of boastfulness.

Instead, McGraw struck a tone of humble appreciation throughout his remarks– for his wife, for his family, and “for the inspiration I get from other artists,” as ET Online per MSN confirms. Every time I listen to a new record, I learn something,” the superstar credits.

No matter how many glistening trophies this dad takes home, though, there’s something he never does, not even with two of his three daughters sitting beside their mom, Faith Hill. Even one glance in his family’s direction does something he can never avoid.

“I’m terrible at giving speeches,” Tim McGraw concedes. “And when I do give speeches, I tend to tear up pretty quickly” the artist who defines the Gravy of life in the song admits.

Assuredly, Faith, Maggie, and Audrey give him kudos.

As it happens, Tim McGraw makes overtures to another duet partner, Nelly. “I’d love to do another song with Nelly,” the Over and Over collaborator gushes. “He’s one of my favorite people, my favorite artists.”

When it comes to collaborators, Tim McGraw always keeps invitations open and he may be answering more calls than he imagines very soon, much to McGraw fans’ delight. You never know who will be his guest on tour, either.

The ACM Honors airs on Monday, September 18 on Fox.

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