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Mandy Robinson

After blowing up country music, Oliver Anthony has finally signed with an agent. The “Rich Men North Of Richmond” singer signed with United Talent Agency. UTA also represents Taylor Swift, Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen.

Oliver Anthony’s Rise In Country Music

Oliver Anthony got his start on YouTube. He began posting his music videos there and it took off like a rocket. His lyrics and voice resonated with music lovers of most genres and they couldn’t get enough of the “90 Some Chevy” singer.

When country music fans learned he was doing concerts, his popularity grew even more. He was performing at smaller, local venues, but that didn’t matter. In no time, Oliver Anthony was singing to sold-out crowds.

Ticket Price Drama

As Oliver Anthony’s fan base got bigger, so did the buzz around him. Wanting everyone to be able to hear him sing live, Anthony promised to keep the ticket prices to his concerts low, making his concerts as affordable as possible. This caused an issue with one local venue.

Anthony wasn’t going to stand for the high ticket prices. He also wasn’t going to tolerate any venue charging people for the meet and greets after his concerts. This led to him canceling a concert in Knoxville when the venue started selling tickets before they had a signed contract with them. The concert has since been rescheduled and was sold out quickly.

There Was Political Drama As Well

The drama didn’t stop with the high ticket prices. Oliver Anthony has already had more than his share of political drama. Politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, took “Rich Men North Of Richmond” as an anthem to further their political agendas. This too didn’t sit well with Anthony who took to social media to stop the drama.

Oliver Anthony explained his music wasn’t in favor of either side. In fact, he wasn’t pleased with any of it. “Rich Men North Of Richmond” was a way for him to express his dislike of the policies on both the Conservative and liberal sides. Despite that, his music is still seen as a battle cry for both Republicans and Democrats.

Will There Be Agent Drama Too?

Now that Oliver Anthony has signed with an agent, it is possible he will not be having any additional ticket price drama. More than likely his friend, who is actually a plumber, will not be acting as his booking agent anymore. The question remains if Oliver Anthony’s new representation will help keep ticket prices down.

As a country music singer’s team grows, sometimes the problems grow as well. It remains to be seen what type of impact Oliver Anthony’s decision to have an agent will have on him and his music as well as his large fan base.

What do you think? Will having an agent be a good or bad thing for Oliver Anthony? Will it change him? Do you believe he will still be able to keep his ticket prices low? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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