Presidential Candidate Praises Oliver Anthony For His Song Used In GOP Debate

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After Oliver Anthony’s song, “Rich Men North Of Richmond” was used in a political debate, politicians have been putting in their two cents about his lyrics. One politician even personally visited Oliver Anthony to share his views on the song.

Oliver Anthony’s Song Shared In GOP Debate

For those who missed it, Christopher Anthony Lunsford’s famous song “Rich Men North Of Richmond” was exploited during an August GOP political debate. This was a republican debate that took place in North Carolina. Not only were country fans frustrated, but so was the song’s creator. Oliver Anthony simply created the song to share the modern struggles with the economy, being taxed, and overworking simply to survive. Politicians did not quite get the memo and ended up using the song to their own advantage.

Here are the lyrics shared during the political debate:

“These rich men north of Richmond

Lord, knows they all just wanna have total control

Wanna know what you think, wanna know what you do

And they don’t think you know but I know that you do

‘Cause your dollar ain’t sh*t and it’s taxed to no end

‘Cause of rich men north of Richmond.”


♬ original sound – Tiktokdad

In a Twitter post, Oliver Anthony bluntly states that his song was not created to support a specific political party. Although the lyrics share a story about society today and wanting change, that does not mean the lyrics should be used as leverage for politicians.

Oliver also stated in a YouTube video, “It was funny seeing my song at the presidential debate because I wrote that song about those people so for them to sit there and listen to that, that cracks me up… That has nothing to do with Joe Biden, it’s a lot bigger than Joe Biden.”

Oliver Anthony Meets A Special Visitor

Luckily, not all politicians are jumping to use Christopher’s song to their own advantage. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visited Oliver to show his support and gratitude, rather than publicize and exploit the artist. The presidential candidate actually visited the country singer in early August, likely before the debate even took place. Robert shares his thoughts about Oliver Anthony’s song and his experience with the artist on his website In said post, Kennedy expands on the lyrics stated in “Rich Men North Of Richmond,” validating its statements and giving modern examples and stressors. He talks about the working class, suicide rates, corporate power, and the food industry.

After dropping some rather depressing facts, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. goes on to say, “Yet, where there is defiance there is also hope. That hope comes from healing our divisions… His [Oliver’s] words arouse hope for the healing of these divides.”

“Oliver is an impressive man, pleasant, intelligent, spiritually grounded, humble, and soberly aware of the challenges ahead. He has infectious humor, a tantalizing sense of irony, and a deep commitment to humanity… I’m proud to support him, whatever the outcome of my Presidential campaign, to make this healing center a reality, and if we are so blessed, the first of many more to come.”

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