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Tonight on the 2023 CMA Awards Post Malone made an appearance with Hardy and Morgan Wallen. They did a tribute to Joe Diffie singing some of his old songs. This got fans talking and they are now begging for a Post Malone country album. They feel like he could be great at it and that they need more from him now.

Post Malone’s Performance

You don’t want to miss this performance if you didn’t get to see it. Post Malone sang along with Morgan Wallen and Hardy performing the songs “John Deer Green” and “Pickup Man.” Check out the video below from the 2023 CMA Awards tonight on ABC.

Fans Go Crazy On Twitter

The fans went to Twitter to beg Post Malone to go country. They feel like he could be a cross-over artist after seeing him do these songs. Here is what they had to say on Twitter tonight:

  • The start of Post Malone‘s country career begins and it’s so bada**
  • I’m still begging for a Post Malone country album. Idc if it’s just cover songs, all I want is to hear him dabble with country
  • Post Malone better come out with a full country album.
  • @PostMalone did great at the cmas, the dude is naturally good at singing country music
  • Post Malone needs to do a country album! I was so impressed with his performance! He looked right at home with everyone else.
  • @PostMalone go ahead and drop that country album baby!
  • Okay obsessed with country @PostMalone
  • Post Malone needs to do a full blown country album…he could pull it off. And the CMA’s missed a golden opportunity to have him duet with Jelly Roll #facetattoos

Post Malone’s Haters

A few people didn’t feel the same and thought that Post Malone should stay away from country. Here is what the haters had to say about his performance:

  • Disappointed seeing how far country music has fallen… Y’all… Jelly Roll is not country. Post Malone has no business being anywhere near a country stage. This is not country music. Nashville needs to get their nash trash out and go back to the real country music.
  • Sorry but that was a pretty bad rendition of 2 classic country songs. mw could have done it better on his own

What did you think of Post Malone’s performance at the CMA Awards tonight? Should he do a country album next? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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