‘The Voice’ Reba McEntire Chastises Contestant Over Iconic Song

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Although Reba McEntire is often praised for how she treats others, when it comes to competing on The Voice, she is all business. After Blake Shelton left the show, many fans wondered who exactly would take his place alongside Niall Horan, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani. While fans were excited and somewhat surprised when Reba joined the show on Sason 24, they didn’t know what to expect. With contestants currently in Battle Round on The Voice, Reba recently chastised a contestant for changing what is considered one of the most iconic songs of “all time”.

On Tuesday, Reba McEntire found herself watching Mac Royals and Rachele Ngyuen practice How Deep Is Your Love by the famed Bee Gees. With such a memorable song in their arsenal, Reba felt confident about Royals and Ngyuen going into the Battle Round. But that confidence soon faded when Royals decided to put his own spin on the classic. With the changes noticeable, Reba decided to step in.

Reba Gives Constructive Criticism

Not afraid to speak her mind, Reba McEntire bestowed some wisdom on Royals, noting, “The reason we pick the songs we do is because of familiarity. They want something they can sing along to. When you’re singing a song that is so well-known as ‘How Deep Is Your Love,’ you need to stay with the melody they remember, so they can sing with you and be a part of the show.”

With it hard to debate someone like the Queen of Country Music, Mac Royals agreed with Reba McEntire about his decision. While Reba believed they had an understanding, during the Battle Rounds, Royals once again decided to take his own advice. Throughout the song, Royals consistently played behind the beat, making the Bee Gees’ song his own.

Reba McEntire barely waited for the rounds to be over before speaking her mind. As Royals appeared to blatantly disagree with Reba’s advice, she scolded him, insisting, “Mac, I still wish we could have stayed with the Bee Gees’ version of the opening, because that kind of threw me again as it did in our rehearsals.”

Changing Teams

With the decision in her hands, Reba McEntire decided to pick Rachele over Royals. While Royals found himself at odds with the icon, his night didn’t end so badly as another legend, John Legend to be exact, decided to take him for himself. The singer loved Royals’ voice, explaining he wanted to hear more of it in the future.

Fans of The Voice sided with Reba McEntire when it came to Royals’ decision. One fan even gave a quick history lesson on the Bee Gees. “These newbies always think they’re better, Bee Gees had nine # 1 hits and ‘How deep is your love’ was #1 for three weeks !! ( setting a record ) But of course these nobodies think they can make it better.”

Do you side with Reba McEntire’s thoughts on How Deep Is Your Love? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

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