Keith Urban Teams With Stellar A-Listers For Anniversary Version Of Foy Vance’s ‘Guiding Light’

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In case anyone blinks and misses a sighting of Keith Urban lately, the exuberant, supreme shredder of country music is making the most of every minute in the last few days. As always, the effervescent Australian-American never showed a sign of jetlag as he leaped into a warm-up set ahead of the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, as the Las Vegas Sun relates.

For this high-powered occasion, Keith Urban rubbed elbows with Kylie Minogue, his “sister citizen” from down under, and John Legend, among other headliners. While the stars shined and sang from steel “boxing ring” structures high above the Strip, the energy of the crowd refused to be contained. Urban earns neighborly respect as a regular at the roulette wheel capital of America after the surging success of three residencies.

Regarding neighborly behavior, Keith Urban, Ed Sheeran, and Sir Elton John are more than on good terms, despite living thousands of miles apart on the planet. Just like all music lovers, the power of a great song transforms their souls and draws them together. One such song is Guiding Light by Irish singer-songwriter, Foy Vance. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the track, the luminous trio of artists contribute to a new rendition of the moving classic, as ABC News, Rolling Stone per MSN, and American Songwriter per MSN each confirm.

After 10 years, the song still stands up

Word for word and riff after riff, fans know every syllable of Keith Urban’s catalog, from Days Go By to Brown Eyes Baby and every song in between. Likewise, Crocodile Rock and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road endure as timeless treasures from Sir Elton John.

In many cases, artists become distant from their songs after a time. For Foy Vance, though, the depth and meaning of Guiding Light only grow with the years. Originally, the affirming ballad was the final cut from Vance’s second album, Joy of Nothing, in 2013.

“I was feeling lost in my life due to a loss of family, friends, and reason,” Foy Vance confesses of the birth of Guiding Light. The writing process proved healing, however, as the songwriter declares how “Music lit up the darkness” and the power of melody “reminded me to keep going no matter how long the road or how pointless it seemed.” Graciously, Foy Vance offers thanks on social media to his star-studded band of buddies, and many fans reciprocate the same thanks for the haven of healing that the song is for them.

High praise for Foy

Undoubtedly, having good friends in high places never hurts any songwriter. Ed Sheeran was a Foy Vance aficionado from the age of 15 and signed Vance to his Gingerbread Records as soon as possible. Not surprisingly, numerous Foy Vance songs found their way to television shows and series across the Atlantic and the US. Keith Urban fans enjoyed the pleasure of performances with Sheeran’s Bad Habits blended into Kiss The Girl. That was for fun, whereas the new collaboration aims straight for the heart.


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At his stage of life, Sir Elton John has the option of no obligations. Nonetheless, the legendary Member of the British Empire jumped at the chance to reinvigorate Guiding Light.

“It’s the most beautiful song,” Sir Elton gushes in a statement. “When Foy asked me to do it, it was a no-brainer for me because I’m such a huge fan.”

For his part, Keith Urban eloquently credits the song as one of his “all-time favorite songs.” “It captures all the beauty and the struggle and everything it is to be a spiritual being having a human experience,” the Stupid Boy artist summarizes.

Friends lost to found

Often, an artist’s greatest work only rises from the deepest pain. “So I’m thinking about my only friend/You’re my guiding light,” Foy Vance echoes in his verse.

Flawlessly, Sir Elton John steps in with the perfect voice to portray the fallen tree with branches “broke like bones” that no longer hold, while Keith Urban plaintively sings, “The night is still and I have not yet lost my will” before the resolute vow to “keep moving on till I find my way home.” Ed Sheeran concludes with, “Lead me home, lead me strong.”

From lost and friendless to knowing what it is to have a friend. Foy Vance has more than famous admirers now. In his own words, he has artistic brothers and “cherished friends.”

Let us know what you think of the new Guiding Light in the comments section, and keep up with Keith Urban by staying tuned into Country Music Alley.

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