Jelly Roll And Riley Green Duet At The Grand Old Opry

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Have you heard? Jelly Roll and Riley Green performed a duet together, last week, of “Copenhagen In A Cadillac,” at the Grand Ole Opry.

Riley Green’s song, “Copenhagen In A Cadillac,” is absolutely overlooked. You can find the song in his latest album, Ain’t My Last Rodeo, which also features the famous country music star, Jelly Roll. The album is the ultimate country boy anthem for 2023. Get ready because the track’s title definitely sums up the contents of the song perfectly.

The Big 98’s Friendsgiving

During The Big 98’s Friendsgiving fundraiser show at the Grand Ole Opry, last week, Jelly and Riley took the stage and performed “Copenhagen In A Cadillac,” together.

Riley has previously admitted before the album was ever released, that, he wasn’t sure how people would react to the unexpected collaboration, with Jelly Roll. But, there’s just something about the duo that works. Whether it be Jelly’s face tattoos or Riley’s clean-cut look, that makes people think they would never collaborate, but their voices are absolutely amazing together- and that’s all that matters!

At the beginning of the song, Riley Green starts off, he was casually sitting on his stool, positioned in the circle of the historic stage. He nailed his first verse, then comes in Jelly right after the chorus and, he was obviously spot-on with his verse. While we all know Jelly Roll has an amazing voice, a very pure environment like this, will remind you just how good he really and truly is.

The Crowd Was Dialed In On Jelly And Riley

While you could tell the two were really enjoying themselves on stage together, it led to them getting into the song in a lighthearted way, this had the crowd dialed in on their performance.

As the song started coming to a halt, the band took it back a notch to let their voices really be heard- their vocals were at the forefront of the entire performance.

A Peek Into Riley Green’s Song Featuring Jelly Roll

Below is their music video of “Copenhagen In A Cadillac.” In the music video, you can see Riley riding around in a small town in his old Cadillac, singing,
Copenhagen in a Cadillac
Spinnin’ mud tires while we’re spendin’ our cashYou’ve never seen country look quite like that, yeahCopenhagen in a Cadillac.”

Several fans commented on the music video showing love for Riley’s music. One fan commented, “Riley never gives us a bad song. This is such a fun song ! Love the sound and beat and love you to Riley.”

A second fan said,”Oh my God I love that car my grandpa used to have one back in the days nice to know Riley still has his.”

Did you watch their performance? Comment and let us know what you think of their collaboration at the Grand Ole Opry!

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