Jelly Roll Proves He Still Has Rap Cred

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Jelly Roll has come a long from where he was when he started his music career, both in his music and in his life. With his most recent 2023 CMA New Artist of Year win, he fully made the switch from hip-hop to rock, to country. But, he just proved that rapping is like riding a bike-once you start, you never forget.

Recently, Jelly was performing in Dallas, Texas at 106.1 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball Concert. He decided then to go rogue and start covering Eazy-E’s rap song from 1987, “Boyz-N-Tha Hood.”

In the video, you can see Jelly confidently singing the song by starting with the famous lyrics, “Rollin’ down the street in my ’64.” He turned the microphone to the audience for them to take over the next lyric, and they were more than ready! His band then took over, they added a twist with a country-rock vibe, to the lyrics of the famous hip-hop classic.

Jelly Roll Is As Confident As Ever

You can tell in the video, Jelly is as confident as he has always been, as he performs the cover on stage in front of thousands of his fans. He shows that hip-hop and rapping come right back to him like a second nature, and he doesn’t miss a beat!

Jelly Roll Two Decades Ago

He was inspired by southern rappers such as UGK and 8ball, Three 6 Mafia, and MJG. He started writing his own rhymes and getting serious about pursuing music when he learned he had a daughter, who is now 15.


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Jelly was trying to get his foot into the music world as a rapper, two decades ago. In 2003, Jelly released his first-ever mixtape, The Plain Schemer Tapes. He started by selling them out of the back of his car to anyone who would buy one. Jelly followed with the four-part, Gamblin’ on the White Boy series, from 2004 to 2011. He then collaborated on “Pop Another Pill,” in 2010, with, Lil Wyte, a Memphis rapper. Their video reached over 6.3 million views on YouTube.

Jelly Roll Ten Years Later

In 2013, Jelly released his Whiskey, Weed, and Waffle House mixtape, and quickly drew in the attention of the restaurant chain’s legal department. Waffle House then sent a cease-and-desist letter to Jelly Roll and he made some nasty online posts about the chain. The two parties finally settled their beef with the mixtape and Jelly renamed it, Whiskey, Weed, and Women. He then admitted the chain was still one of his favorites.

Thankfully, he continues to hit the road hard with several shows planned through August 2024. His train won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Did you get to witness the epic cover sung by Jelly Roll at the Jingle Ball? What did you think? Comment and let us know!

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