Gwen Stefani Ready To Leave Oklahoma Home For Los Angeles?

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Gwen Stefani traded in her Los Angeles lifestyle for life on a farm in rural Oklahoma when she married Blake Shelton. However, according to a source close to the couple, Gwen seems tired of life on the farm and wants to move back to Los Angeles.

Here is what the source says is happening in Gwen and Blake’s marriage and why this is causing strife.

Is Gwen Stefani tired of life on the farm?

Gwen Stefani, 54, married Blake Shelton, 47, and moved from her home in Los Angeles to his farm in Tishomingo, Oklahoma in July 2021. It was a huge change for the No Doubt lead singer. She traded in California living for a remote and wooded life in rural country land. It sounds like she isn’t as happy there as Blake is.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani / YouTube

A source said Gwen made the bold move to go from Los Angeles to Oklahoma but might be regretting it (via Radar Online). The source said that Gwen is “discontent” and is “far removed from the urban lifestyle she’s accustomed to.” The source said it seemed like a big adventure for Gwen. However, all her friends are in Los Angeles and she is “stuck in the middle of nowhere.”

While most people might just see Gwen and Blake on the farm in the middle of nowhere, that isn’t exactly correct. Their home is a four-bedroom mansion that is surrounded by ponds and creeks. The mansion is on Lake Texhoma and is an hour-long ride to the ranch. Blake owns a helicopter, making travel easy.

Gwen Stefani seemed happy in Oklahoma last month

Gwen Stefani made comments recently that went against this way of thinking. While the source said Gwen was tired of life on the farm, she posted in October that she loves it there – especially in the fall. She posted an Instagram video that said that exact thing. She walked the farm, gathering up items to make DIY front door decorations.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani / YouTube

Gwen said that gardening is what she loves the most about life on the Oklahoma farm. “Gardening for me is this super amazing middle ground for me and Blake where we come together and we’re so into it. It is so incredible,” Gwen said. She went on to call it “really fun.”

It’s also not like Gwen spends all her time on the farm in Oklahoma. She is also still a coach on The Voice. This takes her to the bright lights and big city. She and Blake Shelton also have big careers that see them travel the country as well.

What do you think about the rumors that Gwen Stefani is ready to trade in her life on the farm for the big city? Do you think she will stick it out in Oklahoma? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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