Gwen Stefani Teases Niall Horan About Being Blake Shelton’s Son

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With season 23 being Blake Shelton’s last on The Voice, the show has gone through some drastic changes for Gwen Stefani. Not only is she missing her husband while he prepares for his upcoming tour, but she also turns to see the famous singer Reba McEntire on set. Somewhat shocked at sharing the show with such a country music legend, Stefani recently discussed the new season, Reba, and the ongoing joke about coach Niall Horan being their ‘son.’

For any singer, no matter the genre, Reba McEntire is considered royalty. Although Gwen Stefani thought the same, she soon found herself facing off against her on The Voice. And given the championship status Blake Shelton left, she hoped to get a few wins. But as Reba sat alongside her, she admitted to being somewhat scared. “That was like scary for me, ’cause like, Queen of Country. She deserves all the respect… Like, how do you like fight against her?”

Going To Dinner With Reba

To help calm the nerves and welcome the new coach, all the stars, including John Legend and Niall Horan, went out to dinner. Gwen Stefani noted it definitely helped and since then, “It’s been amazing and an honor, obviously, to get to know her and there’s still more to go.”

Besides getting to know Reba McEntire, Gwen Stefani enjoys nothing more than joking around with Niall Horan. It should come as no surprise since Horan and Shelton have been close friends since Horan joined the show.

Stefani shared with ET, “Niall, I have to say — our son — it ends up that I love him. We had so much fun in the Blinds together. He’s funny, he’s kind of a little Blake-ish, you know? He’s super awesome, he’s talented, funny, cute, has a cute accent.”

Niall Horan did more than win over Blake Shelton, he also impressed Gwen Stefani’s mom. “He’s my mom’s new favorite, like, everyone fell in love with him last season.”

Gwen Stefani Doesn’t Let Niall Know

While Blake Shelton thinks the world of Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani made sure not to tell him that. “Blake used to come home and be like, ‘Oh Niall, I love that kid. I love that kid,’ I do get it. My whole joke is, Niall will be like, ‘Oh I love Blake’ or whatever, and I’m like, ‘Well, it’s weird because Blake never mentioned you one time. Never, like you’re actually nonexistent in our house.'”

Continuing to tease Niall Horan about his Shelton friendship, Gwen Stefani didn’t shy away from how much she missed her husband. “I mean, he is The Voice, in so many ways, so it does definitely feel weird to be back without him.”

With Blake Shelton gone, who is your favorite coach on The Voice? Let us know in the comments.

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