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Dolly Parton turned heads when she appeared at the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving to perform for fans. What really stole the show was when Dolly performed in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. Now, Dolly has revealed a little behind-the-scenes info about her performance.

Here is a little more info about Dolly’s outfit and who knew about it.

Who knew about Dolly Parton’s cheerleader outfit?

When Dolly Parton came out to perform at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day football game, she shocked the world. Dolly came out wearing a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. She then added to it with pantyhose and a sheer midriff covering, covered with rhinestones.

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Dolly then sang two of her hit songs, “Jolene” and “9 to 5” as well as a song from her album, Rockstar, Queen’s “We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You.” While most people praised Dolly’s performance and commented on how great she looked, others complained because they felt someone her age had no right to dress like that.

However, Dolly doesn’t care what anyone thinks about how she dresses, and no one would going to tell her otherwise before her performance. Dolly’s manager Danny Nozell told Billboard that the cheerleader costume was Dolly’s idea and she didn’t tell anyone about it beforehand.

Dolly didn’t let anyone see what she was wearing before she came out of her dressing room before her performance. “When she came out, myself, the security, and my staff fainted,” Danny said. “That is the genius of Dolly, and people are still talking about it.”

Dolly Parton celebrates with number-one hit album

In the same Billboard interview, Danny talked about the new album Rockstar reaching the top of the charts. The new album of rock and roll cover songs (with a few originals thrown in) sold 118,500 physical copies. This actually doubled her biggest album sales from 30 years ago.

Dolly Parton / YouTube

Rockstar topped the Top Country Albums chart (even though it isn’t country at all). It also topped the Top Rock & Alternative Albums, Top Rock Albums, and Top Album Sales charts. As she always does, Dolly Parton also gave back after the tremendous success, donating $1 million to the Red Kettle campaign with the Salvation Army, which launched at halftime of the Dallas Cowboys game.

“At the University of Tennessee, Dolly performed in front of 100,000 people and over 6 million TV viewers,” Danny said. “Then the Dallas Cowboys on CBS had over 44 million TV viewers and 100,000 people live at the sold-out stadium.” He credits the publicity with a lot of the album’s success, as well as Dolly’s charisma and work ethic.

What were your thoughts on Dolly Parton’s performance at the Dallas Cowboys game? Have you had a chance to listen to Rockstar? Let us know your thoughts on Dolly and her new music in the comments below.

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