Dolly Parton Gives Ageism A Major Stomp

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As much as Dolly Parton delights in savoring down-home dishes from her holiday table, the ambassador for human goodness likely never tasted one bite offered at the 2023 Thanksgiving feasts in Dallas. Instead, Dolly focused on fitting just so into her perfect wardrobe selection for the halftime performance for the Dallas Cowboys v. Washington Commanders face-off this year.

Of course, the petite Dolly Parton leaves nothing to chance when it comes to her bedazzled bevy of costumes for the stage, and this occasion was no exception. Right down to the dazzling trademark Dallas Cowboy star fittingly placed in the belly button position of the shimmering, translucent midriff, she pulled the world-famous style off perfectly.

Much more than mere fashion, though, as USA Today details, Dolly Parton taught her own lesson against ageism while she sang and strutted through her timeless songs, Jolene and 9 To 5 before the climactic close to her set from her highly-anticipated Rockstar collection. The resounding choruses from her medley of We Are the Champions and We Will Rock You rang out through AT&T Stadium. In typical style, Dolly Parton stays true to being completely herself, with no expiration date.

At 77, still a knockout

While it was clear that Dolly Parton didn’t wear the standard-issue gleaming white boots of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, it was difficult to see exactly what type of footwear she chose. Stage monitors blocked the view of the feet usually famous for wearing high heels. It appeared that Parton found the stage a bit slippery, as she held onto the silver slots of a backdrop at points when she wasn’t center stage.

Still, nothing stemmed the tide of praise for Dolly Parton from vocal followers. “To be that age and look that d*mn good,” one TikTokker fan raved. “You go, girl!”

In certain corners of the social media world, some expressions of disapproval flowed. Detractors need to recall that Dolly Parton’s delight in snug-fitting clothes goes all the way back to her Smoky Mountain childhood, frigid Tennessee winters, and a mother willing to make alterations.

Even as far back as in her days with Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton defied the cowgirl look she was pushed to adopt. In contrast, she dove into the same color and sparkle she wears today– and at football stadiums! She consistently maintains that a woman’s appeal comes from confidence, and Dolly’s confidence is surging in her senior years.

Dolly scores big over Jack Harlow

Naturally, it’s easy to think that diehard NFL fans don’t pay much attention to halftime festivities. On the contrary, NFL faithful of every demographic stood up for Dolly Parton’s performance over that of the 25-year-old rapper/actor hailing from Louisville, KY, Jack Harlow.

Admittedly, it was an uphill battle to rally Detroit Lions loyalists in a 23-6 shellacking by the Green Bay Packers as the Golden singer took the stage. Nonetheless, critiques are merciless for the first halftime performer of the day.


“Dolly Parton is making Jack Harlow look like the least talented person on earth,” one fan attests. “This halftime show is electric,” he summarizes for Parton, as the Bleacher Report notes.

Still giving from the heart

No matter what Dolly Parton chooses from her closet, she always wears her heart on her sleeve and finds a way to keep giving.

For her Thanksgiving offering, Dolly Parton didn’t just emcee the 133rd Red Kettle Campaign for the Salvation Army, she again put her money where her mouth is and made it matter, as The Dallas Morning News per MSN relates.


After sidestepping NFL events for years, particularly the Super Bowl, Dolly made the decision that Thanksgiving Day in Dallas was the time for her and the day to give again.

“It’s the least I could do if I’m going to be at the Dallas Cowboy game, and with the Salvation Army,” Parton described in her video on social media. “We gotta make a big donation.” Another million-dollar gift marked Dolly Parton’s football debut.

Dolly Parton simply never believes in living or giving small and remains unapologetically herself. See where she shines next with Country Music Alley.

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