‘The Voice’ Fans Demand Replacement For Gwen Stefani

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The Voice fans are not happy with Gwen Stefani this season on the hit reality singing competition. Between her perceived bad choices and often questionable decisions, many fans don’t want her back on the show. There is even talk of a boycott if The Voice doesn’t replace her with someone specific.

Here is what fans are saying and who they want to replace Gwen on The Voice.

The Voice fans want Gwen Stefani replaced next season

Many fans of The Voice are not happy with Gwen Stefani this season on the show. Several fans have voiced their discontent with Gwen. Many don’t like her specifically, while others have bashed her decision-making skills. Heading into the Top 12, all four judges have three singers left and Gwen’s team includes Bias, Tanner Massey, and Kara Tenae.

Gwen Stefani / YouTubeGwen Stefani / YouTube

Some fans feel Gwen’s team could be a lot better than it is if she had made better choices. Fans took to social media to bash her and demanded one specific replacement. Fans want Kelly Clarkson back.

  • “I hate gwen stefani i miss kelly clarkson.”
  • “We fr replaced Kelly Clarkson with Gwen Stefani again on the voice? I’m gonna km”
  • “Me tooo i loved kelly and i kinda dont wanna watch anymore, gwens such a disapointment.”
  • “WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GET KELLY BACK? Gwen has got to go.”

What many fans might not understand is that Kelly Clarkson leaving this season was her own choice. While fans might want Kelly back in the coach’s chair, or even Blake Shelton, they don’t have to return. Fans can wish they were back, but it is up to the stars.

Gwen Stefani won’t be back next season anyway

The biggest thing that fans have to understand is their “boycott,” and protests don’t mean anything for next season. Gwen was already not returning next season anyway, as The Voice already announced its coaches for Season 25.

Gwen Stefani / YouTube

Not only is Gwen Stefani leaving, but new fan favorite Niall Horan is also not returning. John Legend will be back along with Reba McEntire. The other two coaching chairs will feature the return of Chance the Rapper and the first time a duo coached together as Dan+Shay will take the fourth chair.

Fans worried Gwen would be back next season likely haven’t been paying attention to The Voice anyway. Gwen has never appeared in back-to-back seasons of the show. Gwen has coached in Seasons 7, 9, 12, 17, 19, 22, and 24. Her only win came back in Season 19 with Carter Rubin.

Do you think it is time Gwen Stefani finally left The Voice for good? Do you think the people complaining online have a point about her performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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