Blake Shelton’s Vegas Restaurant A Danger To Patrons?

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Blake Shelton is preparing his new Las Vegas eatery but is it posing a danger to future patrons? There is one element that has fans frightened but what has them in a frenzy? More so, is it really that dangerous? Read on for more details on this scary aspect.

Blake Shelton’s Vegas Restaurant A Danger To Patrons?

Now that Blake Shelton has ended his run on The Voice, he is still keeping himself busy. He was on the series for twenty-three seasons and was there from the beginning. It was hard to say goodbye to him but he also had another reality show, Barmageddon. Shelton co-hosts that show with Carson Daly, who was his good buddy on The Voice as well as Nikki Garcia aka Bella. Along with that, he has films and he is opening a restaurant called Ole Red Las Vegas. He is so excited about the construction and building process so he took his fans and followers inside.

Blake Shelton-YouTube
Blake Shelton-YouTube

Blake showed off what was going on inside Ole Red via a video on Instagram. He was quite excited and joyous to bring people inside virtually. However, according to The Sun, fans were a tad frightened by some of the elements. It’s a 30 million dollar restaurant that will include live music which is clearly a highlight for patrons. Yet, when he panned to the ceiling, fans saw a tractor elevated in the sky. This immediately alarmed fans and made them question if it was safe or not.


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In the caption, Blake wrote: “We’re countin’ down the days until y’all can hear the sweet sound of country music at Ole Red Las Vegas!” Yes, that’s a thrill but the focus was less on that and more on the tractor.

  • That tractor is a bit worrying 😂😅
  • That’s my huge concern too. What if it falls on spectators and bar audiences? #earthquake?
  • 😂😂😂 no 🙏 take it down Blake
  • I don’t think I’d wanna stand under that tractor 😮😮😂😂

Of course, there were several who were still looking forward to the experience regardless of the overhead decor.

Approval Needed?

Despite the fear and concerns, Blake Shelton likely had to get this tractor approved before he had it elevated on the ceiling. There are permits and all of that important logistical stuff needed in order for this to occur. So, patrons should not be too worried prior to dining at Old Red Las Vegas. Moreover, there will also likely be a walkthrough before the restaurant opens to ensure it is ready for visitors.

Would you want to go to Blake’s place even with the tractor hanging overhead or would you pass? Let us know in the comments below.

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