Lainey Wilson Buries Southern Twang & Freaks People Out: Video

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Country music singer Lainey Wilson posted a video on Instagram a few days ago that left her 2 million followers doing a double take. The video featured the 31-year-old burying her southern twang and it left everyone freaking out. Interested in seeing this bizarre video or hearing what her fans had to say about it? Keep reading for the details.

Lainey Wilson Buries Southern Twang & Freaks People Out: Video

There are three things country music singer Lainey Wilson is known for: her incredible voice, her curvaceously plump backside, and her thick southern accent. So, her fans (and her team) were left scratching their heads when she shared a video of herself talking with zero accent. The Reel she posted on Instagram featured her holding her phone showing a brief video clip to some members of her team.

Her team was instantly beside themselves listening to Lainey Wilson speak without an accent. They agreed she was unrecognizable without her southern twang. One individual with her pointed out that her face gets twisted up as she speaks with no accent. It quickly became obvious that Lainey really had to change and twist her face to bury her accent.

Lainey Wilson/Credit: Lainey Wilson YouTube
Lainey Wilson/Credit: Lainey Wilson YouTube

Another member of her team noted it was “insane” to see her speak without an accent. Lainey did briefly explain how she was able to make it work. According to the country music singer, she had to start by changing the pitch of her voice. Then, she had to “get into character” to bury her accent.

Houdini’d my twang for a second but we back lookin forward to goin out with a bang for the last weekend of The Mockingbird & The Crow tour with my boy @hardy…who’s closing it out with us?

Check out the video she shared below:


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Her Followers Chime In

Now, this video was posted on her profile four days ago. In that time, her video has accumulated over 22K likes from her followers. The video has also been viewed nearly 400K times. And, it accumulated just shy of 300 comments. Here’s what some of her fans had to say about the video:

  • “We prefer our Lainey twang”
  • “It is funny though, the twang-less Lainey. But yeah, we gotta have our twangin’ Lainey”
  • “Be like Reba, never lose that twang”
Lainey Wilson - YouTube
Lainey Wilson – YouTube

Unfortunately, she did receive some negativity in her comments as well. One individual insisted that “real country girls” know her twang is fake.

Girl!…I been commenting on every one of these posts!…us country girls know that ain’t your voice!..this Alabama Louisiana twang I got can’t be copied ..just like your La. twang can’t be copied !..and they don’t even try !..nobody could possibly believe that is you!”

Do you think the last individual could be onto something? Has she been faking her southern twang? Furthermore, what are your thoughts on her video clip of her talking with no accent? Share your thoughts with us below. And, keep coming back for more country music news and updates.

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