Jelly Roll Speaks On His Plan To Fight The Black Keys

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Jelly Roll makes a statement after a recent interview with The Black Keys which exposes previous beef. He is convinced they have made fun of him in the past. Read on to learn more about the issue is.

Jelly Roll Makes Threats Towards The Black Keys

Over 10 years ago, Jelly Roll made a bold statement towards The Black Keys after convincing himself that they were making fun of him. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney opened up about this experience in an interview with Ashely O, host of Audacy. Carny tells Ashley, “What had happened was, I met Jelly Roll 13 years ago before he was famous and he’s just like right out of prison probably, it was 2010… we were in Nashville at this Hip Hop show… Harmony was joking around about something. Jelly Roll thought we were making fun of him, and he just rolled up to me and just scared the living crap out of me. Like, ‘Do you wanna go…?’ And I was like, ‘Nope, I’m good dude. Nice to meet you though.’” Much has changed since then, and now the two are on good terms. However, Jelly Roll remains embarrassed about it.

Jelly Roll Reflects On Past Mistakes

2 days ago, The Daily Show uploaded a post to their YouTube channel sharing an interview with Jelly Roll. As the American rapper and country singer takes the stage, the crowd screams “Happy Birthday,” as he has just turned 39 on December 4th, 2023. The show host then begins discussing Jelly Roll’s Whisitt Chapel album and his song “She.” The song tackles the issue of the addiction crisis.

Eventually, this topic leads to an interview that The Black Keys recently did regarding Jelly Roll’s threats towards them. This is what Jelly Roll tells the show host:

“I’m embarrassed to say it’s a true story. I was fresh out of jail, and I was battling those — I still had those habits with me,” Jelly Roll says. “I was just a very, very insecure human being… It’s the ‘who I was’ and ‘who I am’ thing again, right? Man, God softened my heart. Looking back at that kid, I kinda laugh. I got blushing when you brought it up ’cause I was embarrassed, a little bit.” He continues, “I was so entitled and so angry, and everything was about me. I thought they were joking and laughing at us ’cause I was used to being in that kind of a situation. It was all about ego, man.”

Jelly Roll then clears the air by stating, “By the way, I love y’all, Black Keys. It’s all peaceful. I won’t try to fight you again. We’re all good, it’s all peace. I think the music’s incredible. I wish y’all well.”

He Leaves Fans With A Good Message

After Jelly Roll opens up about his previous struggles, he explains how he made himself whole. He states that he took the time to love and listen to himself. He now attends therapy, which he takes very seriously, and is continuously working on his relationship with God.

“I quite searching to be happy and starting searching to be useful… I want to be a man of service.”

He has an inspirational story of a man who hit rock bottom and now sits proudly on the top. It is all thanks to his hard work and self-improvement to get him where he is, though.

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