Zach Bryan Welcomes Special Guest For ‘Boys Of Faith’

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Zach Bryan took the stage in Melbourne, Australia yesterday December 9th, 2023. For the very first time, he performed “Boys Of Faith” live onstage, but it was not with Bon Iver, it was with someone surprising.

Zach Bryan’s “Boys Of Faith”

Zachary Lane Bryan has had a busy and successful year with his self-titled album, Zach Bryan, large events and concerts, topping charts, and fancy awards. The young 27-year-old is making a big reputation for himself and is currently one of the biggest names in the country scene.

Recently, Zach Bryan released “Boys Of Faith” which is his third EP. This time, he is featuring Bon Iver. “Boys Of Faith” marks the first collaboration between these two. It came out on September 22nd, 2023, and has not been played on stage up until this point. The song has a folk-like sound with some very heartfelt lyrics.

Zach Bryan Welcomes A Special Guest

Yesterday (December 9th, 2023), Zach Bryan visited Melbourne, Australia during his Quittin’ Time Tour. At this concert, he decided to sing his song “Boys Of Faith” live for the first time. Even though the audience may have expected Bon Iver to join Bryan on the stage, they were greeted by someone else. That special someone was Irish singer Dermot Kennedy. This is a collab no one saw coming, but everyone loved.


Boys of Faith for the first time ever played live 😭 #zachbryan #melbourne #zachbryanmelbourne #onenightonly #zachbryanconcert #zachbryanlive #dermotkennedy #dermotkennedyconcert @Dermot Kennedy

♬ original sound – Ash Beacom

Kennedy also joined young Zach for “Hey Driver,” which was produced in August of 2023. The original track features The War & Treaty, but Dermot filled their shoes well. Videos of the duo are now across TikTok. Viewers love the sound they make together.


Zach Bryan had a very special guest at his show to perform ‘Hey Driver’ 👀☘️ #zachbryan #dermotkennedy #australia #melbourne #concert #fyp #zachbryanmusic #heydriver

♬ Hey Driver (feat. The War and Treaty) – Zach Bryan

Here are a few comments left by fans on various videos of the performance:

“The duo I never knew I needed.”

“This lit my ears on fire 🔥 collab of my lifetime for sure.”

“I don’t think people understand how much this means to me.”

“I would given both kidneys to have witnessed this.”

“STOPPP I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH 😭 if they did a song together i would go into a coma.”

Who Is Dermot Kennedy?

For those a little lost about the hype, Dermot Joseph Kennedy is a singer-songwriter from Rathcoole, Ireland, which is in Dublin County. His birthday is December 13, 1991, making him almost 32 years old. He is most known for his singles, “Outnumbered” (2019), “Power Over Me” (2019), “Giants” (2020), and “Paradise” (2020). Dernont’s style bridges folk, rock, and hip-hop, creating a unique sound. He is the type of artist that never fits into a singular genre. He is well-loved around the globe and is continuing to grow his music career more and more.

Zach Bryan and Dermot Kennedy come together to make a soulful and emotional sound, grabbing the audience by the heartstrings. How do you feel about this crossover?

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