Miranda Lambert Says Laws Don’t Apply To Her

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Miranda Lambert is wrapping up a successful year filled with exciting collaborations, large concerts, and traveling. However, Lambert just made a comment that has fans wondering if she is in trouble with the law.

What’s Miranda Lambert Up To?

Miranda Leigh Lambert is a 40-year-old American country favored for her song “The House That Built Me.” She has been growing her career since the release of her first album in 2001 and her appearance on Nashville Star in 2003. Miranda is from Texas but she now lives in Tennessee. However, the star has spent little time in her large dreamy home, as she has spent the majority of her time traveling. All of 2023 has been full of adventure and friendship, with more to come in 2024.

For the past year, Miranda Lambert has been performing in Las Vegas for her “Velvet Rodeo” Residency Tour. In March of 2022, the singer announced the start of the tour. However, after over a year of concerts, the parade may be coming to an end. Why is that? Perhaps her shocking statement gives some insight…

Miranda Lambert Makes A Bold Claim

In a recent social media post, Miranda makes a dramatic statement implying that she is above the law. About two hours ago, on December 23rd, 2023, Lambert posted a few pictures on her Instagram with this caption:  “Wanted by the law but the laws don’t apply to me…” This is a lyric from her song “If I Was A Cowboy” so it is very fitting.

The post includes three pictures of Miranda dressed in an all-black outfit with a brown, feathered cowboy hat. She is also wearing all sorts of stunning jewelry; large hooped earrings, and a necklace and rings with gemstones that appear to be turquoise. With some squinting, Lambert looks a lot like Lainey Wilson here.

However, no active warrants are out for Miranda Lambert’s arrest, at least none that are known to the public. The caption was simply a statement made out of confidence and a light heart. It is also a lyric in one of her songs. She goes further, ending the caption with something exciting:
“Ps: I’ve got y’all covered for last minute gifts…tickets to my Las Vegas residency are delivered instantly 😘🎁❤️.”

Though the announcement is rather bittersweet, fans are excited to hear that more concerts are on the way. Nevertheless, it is a shame that this long-running tour is coming to a wrap. The remaining tickets are selling on ticketmaster starting around $70.00. Compared to many concert tickets, Miranda’s ticket prices are quite reasonable.

Fans Show Excitement For Miranda Lambert’s Upcoming Concerts

Comments under Lambert’s post shower her with praise. When the fans aren’t talking about her stunning look, they are sharing their enthusiasm about this announcement.

“Your Vegas residency should be a lifetime gig😄🙏.”

“That’s what I’m asking Santa for!🎅🏻🎁

“Stay forever 😢.”

Has this residency been too drawn out, or is it ending too soon? Comment your thoughts.

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