Jelly Roll Shares Being An Imprisoned 1st Time Dad

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Jelly Roll is sharing his experience of being imprisoned as a first-time father. The music superstar was not there when he learned that his daughter, Bailee, had been born. Though the two are immensely close now, he is telling his story of what that was like a decade and a half ago. Read on for more details.

Jelly Roll Shares Being An Imprisoned 1st Time Dad

Things have visibly changed for Jelly Roll over the last several years. He has found stability as a husband and a father to his two children. However, he is very open about being slapped in jail forty times for drugs and the time he spent behind bars. Though he is a changed man now, there are moments he will not be able to get back. One of them is being there when his first child, Bailee was born. This was because he was locked up. Now, he is recounting what it was like to learn he was a daddy from prison walls.

Jelly Roll-Instagram
Jelly Roll-Instagram

Jelly was very candid with People about the whole experience and it was more than he could have ever imagined.

“Man, the single most impactful event of my entire life was having my daughter. It changed everything. Being a father is so important to me, and just being as present as I can for her. I compare it to the Christian scripture of when Saul turned into Paul on the Damascus Road. It was kind of that moment for me.”

He notes that Bailee’s birth back in 2008, despite him being in jail, forever changed his life in the most positive way. Among his many tattoos, Jelly does have Bailee’s name tattooed on him as well as his son, Noah. However, Bailee does not feel that her name is noticeable enough. Jelly claims that if his hair is cut a certain way, she takes up a whole large space on his head.


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The two are so close that they even collaborated on a song together. Furthermore, she is always traveling with him and his wife, Bunnie.

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Since Jelly Roll has primary custody of Bailee, he shared that he was recently at her school for an event. He noted that the kids kept telling him how he looked too young to be Bailee’s father. She countered that they said he looked too old to make the kind of music he puts out. As for his, son, Noah, he was recently introduced on social media through Bunnie but they wanted to be respectful of his mother. It was a collaborative effort but he is such a cute little nugget that the world has already fallen in love with him.

Are you impressed to see Jelly as such a family man? Moreover, do you believe his kids saved his life and helped get him to where he is today, along with Bunnie? Let us know in the comments below.

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