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Although Jelly Roll’s speech seemed well prepared, it shockingly wasn’t and he only had about 60 seconds to come up with what he wanted to say before going on stage at the CMA Awards as there’s a big timer counting down which the artists can see from the stage.

He Had No Speech Prepared

According to Taste Of Country, He stated “I was just sitting there chillin’, then they called me! As I was walking up the steps I thought to myself ‘You better figure this out man, this is big!'” His speech was powerful and encouraged other artists to listen to it for inspiration before going on stage. Jelly Roll stated, “I thought it was between Zach Bryan and Parker McCollum, and I really thought that I didn’t have a chance.” The speech went over so well that he is considering putting parts of it on shirts to sell.

Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie Xo wore matching black sparkling outfits as they walked the red carpet leading up to the 2023 CMA Awards. With Jelly having five mentions across several different categories, he walked into the show as one of the most nominated artists of the 2023 CMA Awards.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jelly Roll

If you didn’t know, Jelly Roll has a documentary on Hulu called The Jelly Roll Save Me documentary that tells of his complicated life story and leaves out no details. He is very open about prison, addiction, his insecurities, and his childhood. His real name is Jason DeFord, but, when he was younger his mother gave him the nickname “Jelly Roll” because he was a “pudgy kid.” Jelly shares that all of his mental health struggles come from being obese, which makes the nickname a double-bladed sword.

He goes on to say that his life was fairly normal and that his mother’s story is what bleeds into his own. His mother started slipping away before he was a teen and would stay closed away in one room for days at a time. Doctors would prescribe drugs for anxiety and pain which led to addiction and ultimately led to his parents divorcing and losing the house. While Jelly Roll still greatly cares for his mother, his father passed away more than a decade ago. He casually mentioned in his documentary, The Jelly Roll Save Me, that he has always written songs for his mother.


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Jelly Roll’s Siblings

Jelly Roll has two older brothers and they are similar to him, to an extent. His brothers Roger and Scott play vital parts in his documentary and they all have quite a resemblance. In his documentary, he mentioned he smoked Meth out of a lightbulb at 15 years old and by 16 he was using cocaine, acid, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and more.

Jelly Roll has several shows planned in the upcoming 2024 year and sees no end in sight for his career. He is even opening for Morgan Wallen this year.

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