Carrie Underwood Cuddles Baby Goats In New Adorable Pics

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Carrie Underwood and her husband, former NFL player Mike Fisher, currently own a farm in Tennessee. Based on recent photos, the “Jesus Take The Wheel” singer might be making some changes to their 400-acre farm. Those changes could be the addition of goats after the family visited a goat farm.

Carrie Underwood Already Has Chickens

The country megastar added chickens to her Tennessee farm. This happened only a few days before Carrie Underwood visited a goat farm. She is now the proud owner of eight baby chicks.

She made the happy announcement of her chick acquisition shortly after she brought them home to her family’s farm. Seeing they already have a farm and now some chickens, adding goats might be the next step for Carrie Underwood.

Carrie Underwood Instagram
Carrie Underwood Instagram

The Visit To The Goat Farm

Carrie Underwood, her husband and their two young sons, Isaiah and Jacob, visited the Noble Springs Dairy Farm. This a a family-owned goat dairy business. It is located in Franklin, Tenn.

During the visit, Carrie Underwood took several photos of the goats and the goats with her family. She posted three such photos. In two of the photos, the country music star was seen grinning ear to ear, obviously enjoying her time with the goats. Underwood also included a video of the goats.

Carrie Underwood Fans React To The Goat Post

Many of the “Drunk And Hungover” singer’s followers seemed as happy seeing the photos of the goats as Underwood appeared to be in the photos. Many responded with simple “so cute” comments.

Some of the country music megastar’s followers were curious if there was a deeper meaning to Carrie Underwood posting the goat photos. They were wondering if she was going to open a goat farm of her own. “So real question is when are you getting a milking goat,” one Instagram follower wanted to know. All of the country singer’s fans just might be curious to know if she will be adding goats to her growing family.


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Others wanted to issue the “Before He Cheats” singer some light-hearted advice about some unflattering facts about goats. “Awww they’re cute until they chew off the tails of your horses before show season,” one Instagram user joked. Seeing Underwood grew up in rural Oklahoma, it is highly doubtful the country girl is unaware of the bad behaviors of goats.

Tell us what you think. Did you see Carrie Underwood’s Instagram post of the goats? Could this be a sign she and her family is going to start a goat farm? Would goats be welcomed edition to the Underwood family, their farm and new baby chicks? Do you have any experience with goats? If so, what advice do you have for Carrie Underwood? Sound off in the comment section below.

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