Bunnie XO Shuts Down Photoshop Rumors, Fans Rush To Defense

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Bunnie XO is shutting down Photoshop rumors and luckily, her fans have quickly rushed to her defense. She is one of the most beautiful women out there. By the same token, she is very open about what it takes to go from mother and podcaster to glam wifey. So, what happened when she was called out for faking her photos? Keep reading for more details.

Bunnie XO Shuts Down Photoshop Rumors, Fans Rush To Defense

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO have already had such a fun and memorable year and it is only April. He won three CMT Awards while mentoring on American Idol. Plus, their daughter, Bailee will turn sixteen in May so she just got her first car and that left Bunnie sobbing. There will be so many upgrades in Bunnie’s business and her book is already taking off even in the proposal phase. Along with that, Jelly is “running” a 5K next month and it has drastically helped to improve his health. So, overall, they are winning as a couple, a family, and in business.

Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO-YouTube
Jelly Roll, Bunnie XO-YouTube

Yet, with all of that always comes some sort of hate or jealousy. According to Life & Style, Bunnie recently shared some sweet snaps of her and Jelly Roll rocking the red carpet. They looked amazing but one fan had to say something rude: “Who photoshops Getty images.” Essentially, Getty is the professional imaging so why would anyone tamper with them? Good point so Bunnie shared a clip on her Instagram, shutting down the “fan.”


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The text above the clip simply read: “When ppl say it’s photoshopped or filtered.” In the little snippet, she and Jelly are kissing, waving, and smiling, showing they have nothing to prove. Followers immediately jumped to her defense:

  • It’s just so sad that no matter how we look as women, we will always be judged by other people.
  • who needs photoshop when you’re genuinely beautiful in real life stop the cap🤣💗😻🫶🏼
  • You look like a filter in real life 😂

Love For Bunnie

Bunnie XO received so much praise and love for her beauty inside and out after this. Many said that women just cannot appreciate other women. More so, they noted that she and Jelly Roll have a lovely relationship and others envy that. Therefore, they will continue to knock her down but she can just keep holding her head up high. She has shown herself dressed down with no makeup and extensions, proving it does take work to be glam. However, Bunnie and Jelly have come so far and that is what should be talked about.

Have you ever thought Bunnie XO used Photoshop or have you followed her getting glam for events? Let us know in the comments below.

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