Two Things That Would Make Jason Aldean Quit Music For Good

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Country star Jason Aldean is one of the biggest names in the game today. Recently, Aldean talked about the two things that would make him quit music for good. So, what did he have to say?

Jason Aldean Ís One Of The Biggest Names In Music Today

You can’t talk about the biggest names in country music right now without adding Jason Aldean to that conversation. He is one of the first people many listeners think of when they think of industry leaders putting out the best music. In addition to putting out some killer tunes, Jason Aldean has the hardware and accolades to back it up.

Along with five Grammy nominations, Jason Aldean also has CMA and ACM awards to his name. With the level of success that he has achieved, Aldean could easily retire right now and live comfortably for the rest of his days. However, according to Aldean, only two things would ever make him consider hanging it up for good.

Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean/YouTube

Aldean Has Been Perfecting His Craft For Decades

Jason may be on top of the mountain now, but, it was a climb that began for him when he was a teenager. He is one of those genuine artists who climbed to the top through blood, sweat, tears, and dedication. After all those years putting in the hours, music becomes part of who you are.

According to Aldean, he said: “I dunno, I feel like if you’re a musician, I feel like this is a job that it’s hard to retire from. It’s kind of a lifer gig, you know, I may not tour as much as I tour now, but I feel like I will probably always play in some capacity.”

Jason Aldean/Credit: Jason Aldean YouTube
Jason Aldean/Credit: Jason Aldean YouTube

Try That In A Small Town Singer Will Only Retire Under Two Conditions

Aldean isn’t wrong about music being a “lifer gig” for a lot of people. Industry legends like Reba McEntire and Willie Nelson still take the stage. So, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Jason doing something similar down the line.

According to the singer, there are only two things that would ever make him consider retirement. The first is if people stopped showing up to his shows and flat-out didn’t want to see him anymore. The second thing would be if he was unable to perform in the same capacity that he is used to.

Jason and Brittany Aldean/Credit: Jason Aldean Instagram
Jason and Brittany Aldean/Credit: Jason Aldean Instagram

Barring those two things, it stands to reason that fans will be able to see Aldean continue to perform for years to come. Certainly, this is good news. One way or another, it looks like there will be plenty of opportunities in the future to see him play a show.

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