Jake Gyllenhaal Wants Country Legend In ‘Road House’ Sequel

Jake Gyllenhaal/Credit: Amazon YouTube
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Actor Jake Gyllenhaal starred in a remake of Patrick Swayze’s hit movie Road House. A sequel has already been approved, and he wants a country legend in it. Keep reading for all the details.

Patrick Swayze’s Road House

Patrick Swayze was one of the hottest actors in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Practically every movie he starred in, including Dirty Dancing and Ghost, was a blockbuster hit. He starred in the 1989 movie Road House, which since has become a cult classic. According to AV Club, it was the most-watched movie on basic cable in 2020.

Patrick Swayze/Credit: YouTube
Patrick Swayze/Credit: YouTube

The popular actor played James Dalton, a professional bouncer recruited to work security at a club called “Double Deuce” in Missouri. However, he quickly runs into trouble with the local crime syndicate. The movie also stars Kelly Lynch and Sam Elliot.

2024 Reboot

The 2024 reboot of Road House was a long time in the making. Development began a decade ago with MMA fighter Ronda Rousey attached as the lead. However, the project stalled and was picked up again in 2021. It was finally released in 2024 with Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role.

Instead of Rousey, former UFC fighter Conor McGregor was cast as one of the film’s villains. The remake had a slightly different story from the 1989 flick despite Jake Gyllenhaal’s character also being named Dalton.

'Road House' logo/Credit: Amazon YouTube
‘Road House’ logo/Credit: Amazon YouTube

The 2024 version of Dalton is a former UFC fighter who takes a job as a bouncer at a club called “Road House.” But the bouncer once again finds himself going up against the local crime syndicate who want to turn the club into a resort for the wealthy.

Road House debuted on Amazon Prime in March 2024 and was relatively successful. A sequel is already in the works.

Jake Gyllenhaal Wants  Country Legend In Road House Sequel

Jake Gyllenhaal is attached to star in the sequel. He was recently profiled by The Hollywood Reporter. He was struck by inspiration about the sequel on the way to the interview.

The actor told the outlet that he was listening to Willie Nelson’s Sirius XM channel “Willie’s Roadhouse” and realized what the next film needs.

“Wait, Willie Nelson’s got to be in this.”

It wouldn’t be the country legend’s first foray into Hollywood. He’s had roles in over 30 films in his long career. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member just turned 91 but isn’t slowing down at all. He has a new album out called The Border.


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Not only does Jake Gyllenhaal want Willie Nelson in the movie, but he also wants him to sing a song with Post Malone for the soundtrack.

Would you want to see Willie Nelson in the Road House sequel? Sound off in the comments.

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