Jelly Roll & Country Artists Share What America Means To Them

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Jelly Roll and fellow country artists are sharing what America means to them and how it’s impacted their careers. Some have had struggles along the way while others are just grateful to have their careers. Keep reading to see what superstars like Jelly and more had to say.

Jelly Roll & Country Artists Share What America Means To Them

It is almost the 4th of July and that means that many are going to take the time to share what America means to them. Country superstars are no different and they are getting a jumpstart by sharing their love for the United States. According to Us Weekly, many owe their careers to the U.S. More so, they believe country music was founded on the red, white, and blue. Jelly Roll, who spent much of his younger years in and out of prison and dealing with the law, had this to say:

“This country has changed my entire life. The freedom to do what I do here … thank God for this country because I’m able to do [things like] eating donuts and shooting visual arts for money today. It’s absurd.”

Jelly Roll-YouTube
Jelly Roll-YouTube

He noted he has been to other countries. To him, it seems that they all want what America has when it comes to sound:

“What I do know about art in America is that we influence everybody. I know that because I now talk to international artists. I get features from the U.K., I get features from Germany, I’ve done features with these artists, and they’re all chasing American sound.”

Wynonna Judd, who has sung alongside Jelly, shared her love for America. She has toured across the country and she noted that she loves what a “melting pot” it is. The sixty-year-old went on to add this:

“I went from welfare to millionaire. I was raised by a single parent. We had food insecurity and we lived on food stamps. I am forever grateful because America showed me that regardless of where I came from, I could make it in country music and have the life I have.”

Wynonna Judd/Credit: YouTube
Wynonna Judd-YouTube

Carly Pearce shared that she has seen other countries but sees how amazing America is run. It gives her a sense of gratitude every time she returns home:

“I’ve traveled a lot overseas and I feel like I always come back and I’m just so grateful for how our country is run and the things that we take for granted that not everybody has. You just go, ‘Wow, we are blessed to live here.’”

Chapel Hart’s Trea Swindle was not shy to say she loved the food in America. The cuisine here has made her heart literally sing:

“What I love most about America is the food. The food, the food, the food!”

Her cousin and bandmate, Danica Hart, just appreciated the freedom to be who you want to be. No one has to like it but there is still that ability here.

Some More Love

They were not the only ones to share why they loved America and how it has served them and their careers. Actor and singer, Charles Esten loves that, in America, anything that he wants or needs, he is able to find. That is not always the case overseas. Brooke Eden shared that she favors how different every state can be from mountains to snow to sunshine and more. It is clear that country superstars from Jelly Roll to Chapel Hart all have different reasons to love America and they are saying them loud and proud. Hopefully, the love keeps growing and spreading.

What is your favorite part of America and can you relate to anything they have said above? Let us know in the comments below.

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