Country Trio Chapel Hart Captures American Spirit, Simon Cowell’s Heart In ‘AGT’ Finals

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Evidently, country music’s momentum-gaining girl-power trio, Chapel Hart, strategized a secret plan. Especially with their fervent supporters on America’s Got Talent for the Tuesday finals this week. Sisters Danica and Devynn Hart, alongside their cousin, Trea Swindle, put on the blue denim and distinctive white tops. The audience waved red and white flags to complete the patriotic look.

However, beyond anything outward on the surface, the ladies who wowed Simon Cowell and Dolly Parton with their July auditions. They garnered only the second unanimous group golden buzzer in the competition’s history. Plus, they wore their hearts on their dazzling white sleeves. This time, no callouts to great ladies of country came from Chapel Hart’s stage. Instead, there was a call for unity that evoked even greater regard from the British judge on the panel. More so, it provoked tears from the ladies long before their closing notes.

American Pride has a purpose for Chapel Hart

From the start, Country Music Alley chronicled the Season 17 journey of the kindred threesome’s journey on AGT. “I needed you tonight,” Simon praised.  In particular, the premier talent scout pointed out their songwriting chops. In fact, he couldn’t get enough of the verse, the melody, the lyric in American Pride, and he told Chapel Hart so.

For the past few seasons, the climb to the top has been tough-sledding for singers on AGT. The voting public feels that good voices and songs have enough stages between The Voice, American Idol, and ever-new broadcast offerings. Very early on, Chapel Hart knew that a country showdown between the independent ladies and Elvis homage crooner, Drake Milligan, awaited in their future.

“We showed our spirit and fun in You Can Have Him, Jolene,” Danica explains in the pre-performance profile. “In The Girls Are Back In Town it was our sass” Devynn declares.  In American Pride,  three voices and three hearts united in a plea to celebrate common ground deeper than simply patronizing patriotism. The world heard Chapel Hart, and Simon Cowell wanted to hear them again.


Not such an off night for them

Nearly from the opening notes of the anthem that implores “Let the love pour out between us—move the hate and let’s just try,” an unusual rasp arose in the voice of the Chapel Hart engine, Danica.  The pure emotion of the ballad combined with the loyal response of the crowd to create even more beautiful but tearful high notes. The waterworks never stopped Simon’s standing ovation.

The judge raved that if the performance had been an audition, “I would’ve stopped you, and said let’s go back to that chorus, and sing it a cappella, so I can hear that melody and that lyric, because the chorus, the lyric was beautiful.” Cowell further credits that the “beautiful message” in the song that declares that one person at a time, we make a difference, was particularly poignant on the day after 9/11 remembrance. In this case, the applause rose because Chapel Hart displays belief in a better nation as much as in themselves.

Terry Crews reflected on how Chapel Hart described that “country music doesn’t look like us” after their first audition. Now, Danica Hart takes the microphone to say, “We feel seen.”


Chapel Hart celebrates warm receptions

Although only the tally of the votes reveals whether Drake Milligan will take the $1 million prize on Wednesday, his ultra-produced practiced, and polished show closer of Sounds Like Something I’d Do seemed strategically placed in the lineup.

Still, no matter who takes the Las Vegas residency or the prize money, Chapel Hart already celebrates dreams come true. As Yahoo confirms, Chapel Hart Week had its declaration in Poplarville, MS. Both Mississippi and Louisiana claim rights to being home for the dynamic singer-songwriters. “It looks like New Orleans and Mississippi are fighting over us,” Danica relates in a feature, “which is a good problem to have.”

Rather than just pray to break down doors, as Chapel Hart did through the last few years, the group celebrates their recent invitation to walk through the most celebrated doors in all of country music– at the Grand Ole Opry. Yes, winning a title is always nice, but building a career after years of striving and creating music that means something is the sweetest fruit of long labor. Congratulations, Chapel Hart, on being seen and heard for a long time to come.

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