Kenny Chesney Shares Heartbreaking Loss, ‘Goodbye My Brother’

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Country icon Kenny Chesney recently took to social media to share some heartbreaking news with his many followers. So, what did the singer have to say?

Kenny Chesney Is A Country Legend

Kenny Chesney is one of those names in country music that has been around a long time. New blood comes onto the scene on a revolving basis. However, the true test of an industry great like Chesney is in the ability to have staying power. This is especially true when you can carve out a career that spans not only a handful of years, but decades.

Kenny Chesney is exactly the sort of country act who has that kind of staying power and name recognition. Over the years, Chesney has built an impressive music catalog, as well as millions of fans around the world who regularly see him play whenever he is on tour.

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Chesney Takes To Social Media To Deliver Heartbreaking News

Recently, Kenny Chesney took to social media to share some somber news with his many fans and followers. According to Chesney, he had to say “a very hard goodbye” to his “brother” and “close island friend” named Curtney Chinnery, or “The Ghost From Jost.”

Chesney went on to say: “He was a part of island life for so many years. Someone I thought would just always be there. He was so curious and full of imagination and one of the most creative human beings I’ve ever met.”

In more touching words for his friend, Kenny Chesney went on, saying: “That’s how we connected. Creativity. He was a poet among poets and I’m gonna miss him for so many reasons. So goodbye my brother and thank you for your friendship and all the laughs. ‘GHOST OUT.'”


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Kenny Chesney Embraced Island Life

Despite being one of the biggest musicians on the planet, Kenny Chesney liked to unwind and take it down a few notches on the island of St. John. As part of the Virgin Islands, St. John offers all the Caribbean tourist vibes one might expect, as that is what the area is known for.

For someone like Chesney, this island escape offered him much more than your usual tourist traps. Chesney embraced island life, first as a visitor, and eventually as a homeowner. He may have platinum albums and millions of fans who adore him and his music, but, he was never too good to make friends with island locals. After so many years, they have clearly embraced him as well.

As Chesney says goodbye to his dear friend, it’s a time to mourn, but also a time to celebrate a kind soul whose creativity had a profound impact on Kenny Chesney, and that is saying a lot when you consider how successful he is as an artist.

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