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Kelsea Ballerini continues to grow her music career and fans cannot be more excited for her future. She has been sharing her progress on social media and letting fans into her personal life which has allowed her to connect with them more. Kelsea has been growing and is finally headlining at places she has always dreamed of. She recently headlined a show in her hometown that she shares with Kenny Chesney. The two country music stars seemed to be very happy to be back there together.

Kelsea Ballerini Rolls Up The Welcome Mat For Good

Ballerini has been very open and honest about her marriage and divorce from country music artist Morgan Evans. Some would even say they are not a fan of Evans after hearing how he treated Ballerini during their marriage. Kelsea recently released an album called Rolling Up The Welcome Mat. In this album, she lets people in on how she felt during her time with Morgan Evans and fans were shocked, they never would have guessed. Kelsea even comments in her song Blindsided about how she was telling people it was okay to cry while she was dying inside.

“I put on a smile and sang about how it’s okay to cry, dying inside”

This EP has been a huge hit across the music industry. It has allowed a lot of people to relate to her and feel more connected to her. Now Kelsea Ballerini is starting to headline her shows which is something she has always dreamed of. She wrote on Instagram:

“i saw my first concert ever in this arena when i was a kid…and then 15,000 of you showed up so it could be the place where i played my first ever headline arena show. i wish i could go back and show little me the photos, but honestly glad she had no clue. 🥹”


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Kenny Chesney and Kelsea Ballerini Together In Their Hometown

Kenny and Kelsea wrote a song together called Half Of My Hometown. They wrote this song about their hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. The two artists got to perform the song live together at Thompson-Boling Arena this last weekend. Kenny made an Instagram post about how happy he was to sing this with Kelsea. He stated:


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Kenny Chesney seemed ecstatic to be able to perform in Knoxville with Kelsea Ballerini. Fans went wild about seeing the two perform their song together live in the place they wrote it about. Kelsea’s boyfriend Chase has been her rock. He has been so supportive and constantly posts about how proud he is of her. This is all fans could want for Kelsea after her divorce. Did you enjoy the performance between Kenny and Kelsea? Sound off in the comments below.

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