Terri Clark Reveals Shocking Playboy Payday & Why She Said No

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Country singer Terri Clark is not who you expect to see in Playboy magazine. She revealed she was offered a huge payday but turned it down. Keep reading to find out why.

Country Singer Teams Up With Lainey Wilson

Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of Terri Clark’s self-titled debut album was released. She was one of the most popular country stars of the ’90s. Her 2024 album Take Two features duets of her biggest hits with some of today’s biggest artists, including Kelly Clarkson.

Terri Clark’s country cover of the Warren Zevon rock song “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” reached the Top 5 on the country charts in 1996. The singer rerecorded the song with Lainey Wilson for the Take Two album. The ladies of country music teamed up to perform it live at this year’s CMA Fest, which is currently streaming on Hulu.

Lainey Wilson and Terri Clark/Credit: YouTube
Lainey Wilson and Terri Clark/Credit: YouTube

Terri Clark Reveals Shocking Playboy Payday

No one was more surprised than Terri Clark when she was approached by Playboy magazine for a cover shoot. She shared how the offer came about during a recent Bobby Bones Show appearance. The singer recalled how the magazine had a poll asking which country stars readers wanted to see nude on the cover of the magazine.

She remembered that she was second to Shania Twain on the poll. Terri noted several times that this happened over 20 years ago. The magazine offered her a shocking amount of money to strip down.

“They came to me and offered, I’m just gonna say it, a million dollars.”

She made it clear that she wouldn’t accept the offer, but her manager continued to haggle with the magazine anyway.

“Well, you can go topless for this amount of money. The full monty, you get the full million. So he’s negotiating body parts to pose for Playboy.”

Why She Said No

Dolly Parton famous posed for Playboy in 1978 and recreated the look for her husband’s birthday a few years ago. Everyone wants to be like Dolly, but in this particular venture, Terri Clark did not.

She said on the Bobby Bones Show that posing nude would be “weird” and make interactions with fans awkward.

“There’s no way I’m posing. Meet and greets can get weird enough as it is. Can you imagine?”


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Terri Clark admitted that it was a million dollars, which was tempting, but she ultimately had to turn it down.

“If I wanted a cash grab, I would have done it, but I was just like, I can’t.”

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