Dolly Parton Considered Fans When Choosing Her Playboy Pose

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Dolly Parton wrote her first song before she could even write.  The country music marvel made herself the center of attention in all the right ways from a very early age.  Her mother instills her daughter’s deep sense of faith and purpose for her future, but neither Dolly Parton or the Parton family matriarch envision that Playboy magazine picks Dolly Rebecca from Sevier County, Tennessee for one of its most memorable cover girls decades later.

Hello! Magazine via MSN features a lovely pose of Dolly Parton around age 10, when she and her beloved uncle, Bill Owens, who passed away last month, traveled together to every area radio performance opportunity they could find.  “I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t been there,” the devoted niece expresses in her heartfelt eulogy.  The dimples and the buoyant spirit in the photo unmistakably belong to Dolly Parton, as any longtime fan sees.  Her 1978 Playboy cover, however, was literally a photo of a very different color.

Dolly Parton confesses that she did face a few dilemmas in deciding to pose for the most notorious gentleman’s magazine, according to Showbiz CheatSheetUltimately, as always, the star manages to balance her personal values along with the career milestone.  Somehow, Dolly seems to always present herself in a new light, leaving her followers only loving her more.

Dolly never means to offend fans

“Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ Like That?” Dolly Parton melodically asks in her 1989 hit.  The singer-songwriter admits that she was “afraid” to undertake the Playboy cover initially, fearing that a sizable contingent among her loyal following wondered the same question.  She held concerns that “a lot of my Country fans and some of the people who love me who are of a religious nature might not understand.  Parton also feared that the bold move perhaps “put me in a [new] category.”

In fact, a deep and abiding faith runs to the core of Dolly Parton.  She prays daily for peace, not just within the world and the global situation, but also within every heart, as she describes in a Country Music Alley profile. The “spirit-led” artist welcomes all open hearts with her music and leaves the judgment to the Maker.  She is a beloved advocate for the LGBTQ community and lends her voice of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, too.  Above all, love is the gospel of the “I Still Believe” songwriter.

Humor and class win out for Dolly Parton

In typical, playful Dolly Parton fashion, Dolly Parton decides to deflect from the focus of being “naked or something” in her Playboy photos (which were quite tasteful) and take the part of being in on the joke regarding the “physical thing that’s built around my boobs.”  Parton openly joked about her upper attributes with her late cherished friend and musical partner, Kenny Rogers, for years.  The topic even takes over during his celebration visit for Parton’s birthday on Dolly.  Kenny blushes at the discussion and Dolly doesn’t.

After some reflection, Dolly Parton saw that being on one of the most coveted magazine covers in the world isn’t a cause for shame at all.  On the contrary, most subjects are flattered enough to have their images framed for display.

“Playboy’s a real classy magazine.” Dolly Parton ultimately declares.  There was preliminary talk of a 75th birthday girl revisit from Parton on Playboy.  The pandemic put a crimp in a lot of in-person events. There’s plenty of time for a momentous return.  Dolly is booked until at least 2045 when she aims to be in attendance for her “secret song” revelation at her DreamMore Resort, wardrobe intact.

Always bigger and better plans

“I look artificial on the outside,” Dolly Parton relates to Scandinavian entertainment host Skavlan last fall.  “But I’m real on the inside, where it counts.”  No one on planet Earth needs any verification of that statement.  Parton’s philanthropy provides the brightest hope and broadest path to a restored life in the post-pandemic.

Speaking of lofty goals, even Dolly’s fragrance, “Scent From Above,” gives customers something higher to transcend the troubles of the workday.  Sales for the trial-size vials are soaring in advance of the official July debut.

Whether she’s on the cover, reading her bedtime stories to children, or committing her time and energy to another helpful cause for those she calls “My people,” Dolly Parton goes all in.  “I’m never going to retire,” the ageless Parton promised in February.  “I just want to do greater work.”  There’s no doubt that Dolly Parton looks to greater horizons for helping and harmony in her time to come.

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