Tim McGraw’s Down-And-Out Story Becomes Devin Dawson’s Song

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Country music superstar Tim McGraw and star on-the-rise Devin Dawson have more in common than their passion for a great song. Both fit the description of tall, dark and handsome. Tim McGraw famously graces the stage in his black cowboy hat.  Devin Dawson prefers a vintage baseball cap or a trucker’s hat. Both artists also know the magic that Faith Hill can create with a song.

Fans and friends alike know the inspiration Tim McGraw can create with a song.  Already, the title song from his new album, “Here On Earth” is being welcomed as the perfect anthem of hope and purpose for these pandemic times. The Lori McKenna song “Humble and Kind,” became a social movement for McGraw and his fans.

Devin Dawson didn’t have to look far for inspiration for his first single from his upcoming second album.  A conversation between the Orangevale, California native and the man who got his start in Start, Louisiana became the starter for Dawson’s new song, “I Got a Truck.”

Just a sit-down between Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Devin Dawson

Rolling Stone relates the story Tim McGraw shared with Devin Dawson when he was an opener for their Soul2Soul tour in 2018. Tim recalled his desperate days of having less than two nickels to rub together in Nashville. In fact, he was $30,000 in debt when he came through the door of SunTrust Bank and poured his heart and everything he had out to the late executive, Brian Williams.

“Here’s my truck. Here’s my tape” were the bargaining chips that Tim McGraw could offer to the banker. He explained over two hours that he’d been on tour but mostly didn’t get paid.  He had no money for rent and was behind on everything.

“You know what, I believe in you,” came Mr. Williams reply as he wrote out the check to Tim McGraw. “That’s why I stayed in Nashville,” McGraw contends to this day. Every person hits bottom in more ways than one, and everyone needs someone to keep believing.

Only a snippet of the shared conversation actually comes into the song, and fans have to watch the entire video for “I Got a Truck” to learn what becomes of the vehicle, but that’s half the fun.

Devin Dawson is no longer a ‘Dark Horse’ to fans or to Tim McGraw

Range and artistry draw fans acclaim to Devin Dawson from across musical genres.  Earlier in 2020, he recorded several versions of “Matthew’s Daughter” from the revived musical, “Carousel.” Devin recorded the Beoga classic with his twin brother, Jacob.

Besides the songs “All On Me,” “I Don’t Care Who Sees,” and “Asking for a Friend” from the “Dark Horse” album, Devin Dawson also recorded “One Beer” with Lauren Alaina and HARDY in February this year.  He also has another big-screen tie with Tim McGraw.

‘The Shack’ started the creative connection between Tim McGraw and Devin Dawson

Devin Dawson has more than one music video with millions of views on YouTube, and Tim McGraw has a career’s worth of albums that have reigned atop the country music charts. “Here On Earth” is already at number one and “I Got a Truck’s” views are growing by the second. It was a very different story that drew the diverse artists together.

Tim McGraw starred as Willie in the 2017 film adaptation of Paul Young’s best-selling novel, “The Shack.” The story is about a spiritual journey taken by Mack, the central character who has endured the most tragic loss possible. He’s overtaken by grief and unable to find forgiveness. When “Papa” who is God in the story, invites him to “The Shack,” he develops an understanding of God, forgiveness, humanity, and self-worth different than anything his trouble background presented.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sang the film’s theme, “Keep Your Eyes on Me,” and among the other featured artists on the soundtrack was Devin Dawson, singing “Honest to God.” The next year, Devin had the divine blessing of joining Tim and Faith on tour, and there’s no limit to where great songs can take the singer-songwriter.

We know what Devin Dawson did with Tim McGraw’s encouraging story, so how does Tim feel about the song?   As always, Tim played the new music for his wife first. “It was all I could do not to tear up,” confessed an emotional McGraw. There may be more time together on stage in the future, too.  Tim praises that Devin is “such a sweet guy” and that “we had a great time with him on the road.”

Maybe next time Tim McGraw and Devin Dawson will have a double bill as headliners. Anything is possible if you have a truck.

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