Dolly Parton Follows Through with Second Dose, Dishes with Leslie Jordan

Dolly Parton
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To quote her own words, Dolly Parton is no “chicken squat.”  The petite powerhouse in entertainment stays driven when it comes to her goals in life.  Throughout the pandemic, Dolly Parton’s sole focus remains to be a light to lift others and put an end to the virus.

To that lofty end, Dolly Parton put $1 million behind her buoyant heart, thoughts, and prayers that powered the engines of faith for so many through uncertain months.  Her generous act last spring continues to spare lives to this day.  The philanthropic icon admonished everyone to “get your shot” last month when her good friend, Dr. Naji Abumrad, administered her inoculation last month.  She also called out “cowards” afraid of the needle and offered her own rendition of “Vaccine” to her timeless “Jolene” melody.

Well, it’s a case of the more, the merrier for Dolly Parton in getting the second dose of her Moderna vaccine, per Dr. Naji’s orders.  As the Daily Mail confirms, a few more friends come on board to ensure that the country music queen is fully vaccinated.  Another Dolly pal, Leslie Jordan, delights in harmonizing with the versatile Parton on his gospel project, Company’s Comin,’ as Yahoo News relates.

A perfect celebration of Dolly Parton’s second dose

“Dolly gets a (second) dose of her own medicine,”  Dolly Parton captions the photographs of her momentous completion.  Along with Dr. Abumrad,  the gracious patient Parton poses with Andrea Calhoun and Heather O’Dell of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  The appropriately worn medical masks never conceal the ear-to-ear smiles reflected in the eyes.

Dolly Parton started a fashion craze fit for the vaccination season in her strategically-snipped royal blue cut-out blouse the first time around.  Stores still cannot keep the “cold shoulder” look in stock.  Dolly Parton famously refuses to spend big on her everyday style.  Her “show clothes” are a different story.  The legendary singer-songwriter has a dedicated team for travel, storage, and maintenance of her sparkling, lacy gowns and suits for the stage.  Her Time-Life anthology depicts the meticulous attention in replacing and sewing just a few beads on the wardrobe.

For this role-model occasion, the Dolly Parton looked involved a familiar tan sweater, seen several times through the Christmas season, over a tasteful printed blouse in shades of brown.  As always, the statement of her example and spirit serves as her most pronounced accessory.

Fashion is not usually a high priority in the recording studio, particularly under pandemic circumstances. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that good friends singing songs of faith can’t have lots of fun, and a few salty words.

Leslie Jordan gets a surprise revelation from Dolly Parton during recording

Virtually every show business and musical legend have shared a stage with Dolly Parton over more than six decades.  Fans remember Leslie Jordan best through his five seasons as Beverly Leslie, the lovable but often snippy socialite “frenemy” of Karen Walker on Will & Grace.  In 2006, Jordan finally took The Emmy Award for the role, and the 66-year-old hasn’t missed a day of work during his long career, including recent stints in the senior set romp, The Cool Kids, and Call Me Kat, still ongoing.

Despite the decade in years between them, Dolly Parton and Leslie Jordan share a deep Southern heritage the roots to the core.  Jordan hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee—the faraway “big city” compared to the two-room cabin shared by the Parton siblings and their parents in Locust Ridge, Near Pigeon Forge.  The duet partners are pretty dang close in height, too, claiming 4’11” each.  (Leslie can’t count high heels.) They also share varied passions in the arts.  Dolly puts her stamp on many TV productions, with particular success in recent Netflix outings. Jordan is an acclaimed playwright and feels at home on the screen and stage.

Dolly Parton mentions a surprising prospect

One listen of “Where the Soul Never Dies” takes listeners straight to the Tennessee hills. Dolly Parton and Leslie Jordan sound as though they are sitting by a cabin fire,  even though the pandemic prevented the collaborators from even being together in a studio.

Any fan knows how high the lilting harmony of Dolly Parton goes, but the legendary songwriter threw Leslie Jordan a curve when she discussed one section of singing harmony.

She mentions singing harmony “on top of myself” in the studio, to prepare for “when we do this live.”  Leslie was so taken aback by even the possibility of the stage performance, he uttered that “I’m going to sh@t and fall back in it” just to envision a live performance.  Jordan teases that his songwriting and gospel performance collaborator, Travis Howard, frequently says “Thank God for Auto-tune.”

Judging from the delicious, down-home bluegrass-rich sound of “Where the Soul Never Dies,” diehard Dolly Parton and Leslie Jordan fans are ready to lap up this gospel treasure.  The buddies might just look forward to Grammys next year, who knows?  Stay tuned to Country Music Alley for updates.

Dolly isn’t the only duet partner with Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan didn’t have to beat his drum too long or hard to draw a prestigious crowd to his dream gospel project.  Like Dolly Parton, his admirers stretch across genres and styles.

Leslie does seem to have a definite crush on Dolly Parton, even to the point of diving into her new namesake Strawberry Pretzel Pie Ice Cream, from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Parton surely doesn’t object.  Every pint promotes her Imagination Library global literacy outreach.

Whether they share Leslie Jordan’s taste in ice cream or not, a bevy of stars from Chris and Morgane Stapleton to Pearl Jam rocker, Eddie Vedder are on the roster of stars singing to the rafters of heaven on Company’s Comin.’  Ashley McBryde, Tanya Tucker, and TJ Osborne round out the Country heavy hitters.  One thing is sure, Dolly Parton and Leslie Jordan prove that the “good news” of gospel reaches many different hearts in unique languages.  Love is the key, and Dolly Parton already has a Grammy this year for singing and sharing her faith and her encompassing love of people.  Leslie jokes that his “new diet” might reveal Dolly’s secret.  From the beginning, her secret has been hard work, faith, hope, and love.

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