Dolly Parton Confesses to Nearly Ditching Her Wigs During Early Years

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Country music marvel Dolly Parton captivates her legions of faithful devotees with her huge heart and her one-of-a-kind style.  Millions of imitators attempt to copy the outer look but her inner spirit of goodness radiates a light that no rhinestone replicates.

Early on, Dolly Parton deliberately took control of her public image with a purpose.  In an April feature from Country Music Alley, Dolly describes that right after joining The Porter Wagoner Show in 1967, she forged her own style.  She wanted no part of the popular cowgirl look of the era and certainly chose not to mimic the Wagonmasters’ Western suits.

Dolly Parton opts “to be shiny, flashy and colorful” then as now, as she shares in Songteller: My Life in Lyrics. The “Here You Come Again” singer-songwriter delightfully boasts that “I was the first to go all poofy,” proudly pushing her hair to heavenly realms.  The artist became immediately smitten by wigs and hairpieces to suit any mood, weather, or style whim.

In a surprising revelation from a Showbiz CheatSheet feature, however, Dolly Parton discloses how she considered abandoning her portable hair favorites at one point.  So far, that decision never came, and many fans feel overjoyed.  They choose not to change one wig hair on the pandemic hero’s head!

Talent is the true seller for Dolly Parton

“I might throw the wigs away tomorrow, next month, next year,” Dolly Parton divulges in a Star interview from Dolly on Dolly: Interviews and Encounters with Dolly Parton from 2017.  “Maybe never,” she concludes.  At the time, the artist reserved that “I might do something drastic when I’m ready to shock the people again.”

Originally, the petite powerhouse entertainer devised her larger-than-life image in order to get noticed.  In her interview, Dolly Parton implores her followers to look inside the “hour and a half glass figure” as she describes “to look at the music and the talent.”  Parton confesses her “deliberate” choice in appearance, aiming to allow “the image to sell the talent and the talent to sell the image.”

“The talent was always more important and should take over now,” Dolly Parton reiterates.  With 3000-4000 songs to her credit through more than six decades in music, movies, and television, the timeless artist needs no further enhancements to highlight her divine gifts.  Her philanthropy shines as a beacon through the pandemic.


Dolly is a character

In truth, Dolly Parton’s hair dilemmas opened the door to her need for hairpieces in the 60s.  Like so many young women, the “Just Because I’m a Woman” artist went a little wild with teasing and dying her coiffe.  Everyone knows the look of hair that’s had enough.  Extensive touring with Porter Wagoner likely made it much easier to rely on pre-styled locks.

In her Songteller memoir, Dolly Parton shares an untouched photo of herself from 1965.  The setting is the recording studio at Monument Records.  Parton, the budding superstar, is just 19, and her natural hair looks lovely, even in black and white.  Later, she offers the same photo on social media, captioned with “Where the magic happens.”  Dolly creates her own magic wherever she goes.


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Fortunately, Dolly comes to embrace her persona completely, and fans did nothing but cheer her on.  A character, like Mae West, Liberace, a Gabor sister, or W.C. Fields, never grows old.  Far beyond the fun of the Dolly Parton persona, her songs endure forever.

“I guess I am a character only because I’m just totally what I am,” Dolly Parton insists.  “I’m not afraid to be that and say what I want to,” the “Jolene” songwriter explains, nor is she afraid to “do what I want to do,” including a myriad of things to help people, from her Tennessee stomping grounds to young readers across the world, and a lot of scholarships and community services in between.  Her well of giving never ceases to flow, including as a source of employment through her recent Dollywood expansion.

A Dolly scent is doable

Assuredly, it requires special confidence to carry off a Dolly Parton look. No matter the effort, no one matches the flawless lady herself.  Dolly Parton does her own makeup every morning and sleeps in the same makeup at night.  She prefers an hour to be ready for a public appearance, but in a pinch, she can manage her flawless look in 15 minutes.  Few working women of any age, much less at 75, pull off such perfection day after day.

Not everyone possesses the wigs or the wardrobe to emulate Dolly Parton.  Still, fans can depend on Dolly to find ways to make the star seem intimately close to her admirers.  Scent From Above became available in a $10 trial size in the spring, and the sample offers enough applications for about four full days of smelling just like Dolly Parton.  That’s a more decent bargain than fast food these days, even the French fries that Dolly loves.  The aroma and the feeling linger much longer than the munchies, too.  Full-size bottles of Scent From Above become available on July 28.  If not the Dolly look, the smell works just fine, just like a willing heart.

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