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Country music queen and entertainment dynamo, Dolly Parton writes a song for every mood or meaning in life’s circumstances.  As the pandemic struck, she penned “When Life Is Good Again,” reminding her many fans and listeners not to put off any right decision until tomorrow when action needs to happen today. She also reflects that the purpose of this unforgettable siege is to help each of us see one another with “eyes of love” in her messages from her Tennessee basement.

It takes the space of several basements to store all the dazzling assortment of Dolly Parton costumes through the decades.  The songwriting living legend cherishes both the song and the true story of sacrifice behind “The Coat of Many Colors” lovingly stitched by her mother.  The singer now employs an entire team of seamstresses and caretakers to keep her colorful stage creations in prime condition.  When it comes to hairstyles, Dolly Parton loves choices, too.  As related in a Yahoo feature per Southern Living, the stellar artist is a pioneer of big hair going way back to her early days in country music.

Dolly Parton had to do something to keep up with the boys

Without a doubt, countless Dolly Parton faithful are feeling a little tighter in their favorite clothes after the online success, and complete sell-out, of the premiere signature flavor of Parton’s ice cream with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Strawberry Pretzel Pie, as MSN confirms via the Columbia Dispatch. The happy bingers at least take comfort in the proceeds from the sale going to promoting reading around the world, thanks to Parton’s Imagination Library.

Dolly Parton openly declares that her only genuine diet weakness is potatoes. She ensures that she can fit into any outfit in her closet, and she started coordinating the colors of her wardrobe back in 1967 when she joined The Porter Wagoner Show.

From her earliest appearances, Dolly Parton dutifully searched for colors to match Porter Wagoner’s glamorously embellished suits.  Fans also recall the pompadour hair placed perfectly for the star and each of the Wagonmasters. Parton provided her style effort on far less than a star’s budget at the time, but she knew even then that she didn’t want the Western suits or a cowgirl look.

Her sparkle started early

“I just wanted my stuff to be shiny, flashy, and colorful, and I still do,” Dolly Parton describes in her book, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics.  “I feel like a butterfly when I am in all my colors.”

The luminous performer “can’t get enough rhinestones, enough color, enough gaud, because it fits my personality,” Dolly Parton insists.  Throughout decades of defining her own style, Dolly Parton refuses to dub herself a fashionista.  Despite being a flawless fashion icon to many, Dolly wears what she likes, from her home to the stage.  She puts on what she calls her “baby clothes” at home– simple outfits for comfort.  She particularly praises pantsuits for performing, like the one she wore at Glastonbury in 2014. Dolly Parton always looks dazzling in white, and that was a heavenly day for the lady who loves playing the role of an angel.  It’s no surprise that Dolly likes to take her hair to higher places, too.

The poof is Dolly Parton’s pal

“I always wore my hair all teased up,” Dolly Parton admits.  They say big hair takes a lady closer to heaven.  God probably didn’t need his bifocals to read the “Two Doors Down” singer/songwriter’s mind. When it comes to performing, Dolly is ready to party.  She loves that “portable hair” makes life so easy.

“I was the first to go all poofy,” the trendsetter says.  Dolly Parton never needed to be asked about the benefits of care that can be styled without its owner being present.  “As soon as I could buy those hairpieces and wigs, I wanted them,” Parton exclaims enthusiastically.  “For one thing, they were so handy,” Dolly reminds.  Hair parked on a mannequin head possesses no thought of creating a bad hair day.

During her holiday 2020 interview with Scandinavian host, Skavlan, Parton freely describes how she often changes her wigs at a moment’s notice.  “If one doesn’t fit my mood, I just grab another one,” Dolly Parton happily blurts out.  “I have to be comfortable with me.”

Wigs are part of Parton’s essential three

When the host asks Dolly Parton what one fashion item she never does without, the artist didn’t choose just one.  “I have to have a lot of stuff,” she chuckled.

The “Lay Your Hands on Me” singer names her essentials as “My makeup, my hair, and my high heels.” Dolly Parton has her look down to a science.  Wigs are “kind of my trademark,” and she can pull herself together in a matter of minutes if necessity demands it.  The ageless artist is abundantly candid about her “enhanced” appearance.  To be sure, however, she and her followers feel the storehouse of kindness and love in the unseen places.

“I look totally artificial, but where it counts, I’m real,” Dolly Parton assures.  In car terms, the engine matters far more than the coat of paint on the outside, and only an engine of love like Dolly Parton’s can power people through pandemic times or all the other solitary moments of trial in life.  Wear your wigs with honor, dear Dolly!

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