Jimmie Allen Rolls Onward & Upward With A ‘DWTS’ Rumba

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Tresa Patterson

From the minute any country music lover feels the energy of Jimmie Allen, the positivity and passion are undeniable, and usually, turns mutual.  Only a few weeks ago, the Delaware singer-songwriter delighted his fans and DWTS devotees by confirming the swirling rumors that he joins the varied celebrity cast for Season 30 of the beloved dance competition.

Not surprisingly, the new contender caps off the ABC cast reveal celebration with a spirited and lively treat of “Good Times Roll.”  The Jimmie Allen rendition revs up Robin Roberts and the rest of Allen’s castmates with its references to rolling along “in my F-150,” celebrating friends and football.  In life, love, and music, this artist celebrates good moments.

As far as fan love goes, fans offered abundant encouragement for their favorite star following last week’s Tango with his partner, Emma Slater. For certain, the effort was there.  Even Jimmie Allen’s tongue got a workout.  Veteran judge, Len Goodman, noted “a lot more talent in there,” as MSN per Country Living conveys.  Goodman stresses that Jimmie is likely to “go a long way.”

This week, Jimmie Allen does more than show his practice hours and irrepressible smile to the judges and all of America.  The singer-songwriter shares his vulnerable side more than ever and takes a Rumba personally to the strains of his own song.  No more pesky low numbers stick around this time.  Quite the contrary, the scores take a big rise while support for Jimmie and Emma surges.  This ride has only started, with many more (mirror ball) good times to roll.

A song Jimmie Allen loves for many reasons

When it comes to names, Jimmie Allen considers every name in his life seriously, from his children to his music.  He teases that his soon-to-arrive baby girl with his wife, Alexis, is destined to be Arya Stark Allen, in honor of his Game of Thrones affection, but mommy plans to nix that choice for toddler Naomi’s little sister.

As it happens, the choice of Mercury Lane for Allen’s 2018 album is also sentimental.  The name comes from the street where Jimmie Allen and his family lived as a child. “Make Me Want To” instantly became a breakout song for Jimmie Allen. The tune kindles the exhilaration of brand-new love, and the accompanying video conjures a fairy godmother for Jimmie Allen who bestows her magic wand to him.

While the artist captures many fond memories in a recent song “Livin’ Man,” a poignant pre-dance glimpse reveals his mother’s strength and fortitude for the sake of her family in designing a living room adventure. Jimmie Allen tearfully discloses his memory of the day when his mother told her children that they would be “camping out in the living room.”

Later, Jimmie realizes that the impromptu adventure is necessary for survival since the electricity was turned off.  Naturally, Emma sheds her own tears at the revelation. The son’s respect for his mother’s strength only deepens as he matures with children of his own.


Jimmie’s lines are everything

In shades of muted purple, Emma and Jimmie Allen flowed in apparent ease and emotional unison from their first second on the floor.  Cheers from the audience went up before the midway point of the performance.  Obviously, the new student takes careful mental notes from the judges’ remarks, because the lines Jimmie Allen creates in Week 2 of the competition only leave room for one word—wow!

The panel of judges observes the difference. Carrie Ann Inaba calls the dance “amazing” exclaiming for the first time that “my heart was connected to your moves on the dance floor.”  Not only was Bruno Tonioli moved by the song, but also, the judge describes how impressed he felt with the expression and the lines of Jimmie Allen’s arms.  “Well done!” the expressive DWTS mentor concludes.

In what passes for praise from Len Goodman, he credits Jimmie Allen for being “better than last week.”  Champion Derek Hough gushed that the “upper body was great” this time for Jimmie.  Also,  Hough spoke for the others in saying that they saw the effort with the toes.  Jimmie Allen justifies that wearing cowboy boots makes it hard to pay attention to toes.

No need to fret for Jimmie and Emma just yet

Incredibly, the scores by the tally in week one put Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater on the razor’s edge for elimination.  However, jubilation dances were in order for the Rumba revelation.  Carrie Ann, Bruno, and Derek rated the performance with straight 7’s. Not surprisingly, only Len Goodman spoils the perfect number fun with a 6.

Speaking of perfect numbers, Jimmie Allen never fails to credit fans for their unfailing support, and it shows no sign of stopping.  Jimmie and Emma were part of the initial “safe” group for the night.  There are great dancers, including a Broadway star, in this bunch on DWTS.  Nonetheless, no one can measure how far heart and sheer dedication travel, and Jimmie Allen just kicked up another gear in this journey. Here’s another hint-the Country crooner aims to slather himself with baby oil in the not-too-distant future

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