Jimmie Allen Flows In Exuberant ‘DWTS’ Foxtrot, Flies To Welcome Baby Girl #2

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No Dancing with the Stars or country music fan counts it against Jimmie Allen for being a little foggy on his numbers lately.  Not only does the competition contender give his best to “Emma the Instructor,” as he refers to his Pro partner, Emma Slater, but also, Jimmie Allen counts the minutes until another marvelous, impending event.  Amazingly,  the “Best Shot” artist pulls off a sensational, spirited Foxtrot after spiriting off on a plane to be present for the arrival of his second daughter with his wife, Alexis.

Country Music Alley joyously reports that daddy Jimmie Allen, mommy Lexi, and big brother and big sister at home are well and over the moon with the new sibling.  The papa playfully put forth that if circumstances allowed, he hoped his new daughter would be like “baby Simba,” welcomed into DWTS with love and celebration like in the Disney classic. Well, the tiny love-nugget isn’t quite big enough to join dad on the dance floor, but already, she captures every heart watching Season 30!

Jimmie Allen introduces daughter Zara to the world

As it happens, Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater are used to marking the days week-to-week on DWTS, and not just for the sake of that mirror ball.  Allen is constantly “so excited and talking about it” (meaning his wife’s pregnancy) since the dance partners met.  Emma admits that a tinge of baby fever comes over her from all the exposure to anticipation and delight through gestation.  Still, the pair throw themselves into the sway and romance of “Sandy” for their Foxtrot performance on Grease night, knowing that the call is coming any minute for Jimmie Allen to jet away to greet his daughter and join his family.

Last week, the expected dad announced that Lexi was “2 centimeters pregnant.” Assuredly, moms keep better track of those numbers than most dads.  At any rate, this time was near when Jimmie Allen got a call to high-step to the hospital.  The rush is well worth the effort, because, on Saturday, Jimmie Allen introduces beautiful little Zara to the world and the DWTS universe, as Page Six and ABC News confirm.  Remarkably, Lexi looks lovely in glasses as she poses with Jimmie for the first updated portrait.  The smiles speak the blessing felt by the family.  However, the very next day, Jimmie Allen heads back to practice.

A light and dreamy dance love story

Surprisingly, no sign of sleeplessness or jetlag shows in Jimmie Allen as he portrays John Travolta’s lovestruck Danny declaring his love in “Sandy.”  While the Foxtrot maintains a focus on footwork and hold, Emma’s ethereal choreography and Allen’s exuberant energy highlight the emotion of the performance, which always plays to Jimmie Allen’s strengths. The buoyant country music performer proves his trust in his partner, even with the big moves.


In addition, the judges note that there is something left on the floor, perhaps from the pie shoved in Sasha Farber’s face at the close of his dance with Suni Lee.  By the way, Sasha is Emma Slater’s hubby and certainly never wants his wife to slip.  Jimmie Allen pledges that he will never drop Emma, but almost nothing can prevent a fall on a slippery floor.

Overall, the first word uttered from the judges’ panel was “Congratulations” by unanimous consent.  Jimmie Allen earns strong goodwill points on DWTS and everyone appreciates his positive attitude and authentic effort.  Len Goodman teases that grease is the substance on the floor in honor of the night’s theme.  He also praises Jimmie Allen’s boundless enthusiasm.

With his critique, Bruno Tonioli praises the “good hold” displayed in the dance and how “dynamic” the couple was “side-by-side.” Derek Hough notes content, form, and the beautiful flow. He joins Bruno in bestowing 9’s, while Carrie Ann Inaba and Goodman concur with 8’s.  “You made Zara proud,” Carrie Ann assures the Pop, noting that despite the issues with dance specifics, Jimmie displays “great musicality.”

Jimmie has a real champion

Once again, by the end of the night, Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater are among the couples who find safety in numbers.  They are the second pair called to dance in next week’s Horror Night.

Jimmie reiterates that he wants his children to see him succeeding in things he loves and giving his all so that they find inspiration for their own dreams. As far as real-life love goes, Jimmie Allen knows he has more than a winner.

“Alexis, you’re a champion,” the “Forever” singer-songwriter glows in his heartfelt welcome to Zara James Allen– James in honor of his father.  “I love you and so thankful for you.” For her part, Alexis hopes to return to the ballroom to cheer Jimmie on again for future dances, and he hopes to be in attendance at his 7–year-old son’s, Aadyn’s, school, and sports events.  Meanwhile, Jimmie Allen and his whole family adjust to being a family of five.  Usually, moms and dads never have the opportunity to go for trophies like mirror balls, but good night hugs and sticky fingers still hold the best rewards in life.

Country Music Alley congratulates the Allen family on the arrival of Zara, with many best wishes!

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