Country Trio Chapel Hart Does Dolly Parton Proud With Dazzling ‘AGT’ Audition

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Year after year, country music marvel Dolly Parton only grows in her miraculous generosity, purposeful living, and, of course, her never-ending musical talents. Likewise, season after season, the standout talent competition, America’s Got Talent, continues to reveal remarkable performers to the competition’s worldwide audiences.

As it happens, Dolly Parton and three of her most adoring fans, the sisters and first cousin from Mississippi, comprising the country music trio Chapel Hart, collided in the best possible way in an AGT  audition. The ladies put their own twist to a musical reply to Dolly Parton’s timeless, “Jolene,” and the result was only the second-ever group golden buzzer across the competition’s 17 seasons, as Yahoo and USA Today per MSN confirm.

The ladies of Chapel Hart give Dolly Parton the deepest props

Mississippi is farther than a hop South from Dolly Parton’s roots in Sevier County, Tennessee. Still, southern women know their sweet tea and a great song when they hear one.

After introducing themselves as a native family from Hart’s Chapel, Mississippi, because “there’s just way too many of us,” as their cousin explains, their lead singer, Danica, quickly takes honors as “the biggest diva.” That nod suits Simon Cowell just fine. “You’ve gotta have one,” the longtime judge declares, and the drama goes with the package.  It’s not long before Dolly Parton takes the trio’s honors for favorite artist, either.

“We’ve always been country music fans, and Dolly Parton is our favorite BY FAR!” gushes the group with off-the-charts enthusiasm.  With a speedy interjection, “Dolly for President!” shouts the cousin.

Certainly, few voting Americans disagree with that sentiment.  However, not many artists, particularly new ones, possess the chutzpah to have to take on one of the most perfect songs penned by Dolly Parton. These girls, though, think the time is now to embrace the joys of life as an independent woman and let the man in question go with “You Can Have Him Jolene.” Danica proposes that it’s time to “stop fighting over the same man” in 2022. Dolly Parton likely agrees.

A performance for Dolly Parton to adore

Naturally, no one captivates an audience like Dolly Parton, and the AGT audience was cheering and raucous before Chapel Hart sang the first note of their original. Danica seems born to be center stage, and she has superb support on harmonies from either side. It’s easy to imagine Dolly herself clapping for this promotion of girl power and diversity in her genre. Howie Mandel was beaming. Heidi Klum was bopping along with Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell clearly loved every note.

Before they could sit down from their standing ovations, chants of “GOLDEN BUZZER” deafened the auditorium. “I needed you today,” Cowell assures the rising singer-songwriters. Already, Danica Hart is in tears from the audience’s response

“Country music doesn’t always look like us,” Danica describes through her tears. She relates that “we’ve been trying to break through in Nashville for a couple of years.” The trio earned CMT’s “Next Women of Country” recognition last year. Independently, the New Orleans-based Mississippi ladies have two independent album releases. Their song, “Jesus & Alcohol” features the talents of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Debbie Allen starring in the video.

Dolly Parton understands dilemmas

Undoubtedly, Dolly Parton recalls the time when country music looked nothing like her. Early on, she shed any notion of taking the “cowgirl” country look. Instead, she wanted everything she wore to shine, sparkle, and dazzle with color from the stage. It has, and she has, ever since, along with hair that stays portable and reaches to heaven.

Country Music Alley details how Dolly Parton’s voice was so different that early producers nearly put her on a rock ‘n roll career track. Ultimately, Dolly ruled over country, pop, Christian, and even a few well-chosen rock anthems, demonstrating her incredible versatility.

Tuesday night’s dilemma for Chapel Heart became much more manageable. All of the judges on the AGT long ago bestowed their individual golden buzzers. After a huddle with host, Terry Crews, the group came together as one to grant the rare group golden buzzer, and showers of confetti and lingering embraces ensued. Once again, three minutes transformed lives.

Only time will tell if Chapel Hart’s retort in song spikes lasting career success.  Clearly, Dolly Parton and this yearning trio understand hard work and what it is to be “an original.”

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