Dolly Parton Rocks n’ Rolls On With The Goodness Of Life– Not CBD Gummies

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Not surprisingly to any of her faithful and adoring fans, Dolly Parton maintains the vigor of a twenty-something after just turning 77. However, MSN’s Women & Home, Yahoo News, KTLA-TV per MSN, and a variety of other news sources confirm that the songwriting wonder and philanthropic benefactor never relies on any “herbal” or hallucinogenic kick to keep her going.

On the contrary, a little something from the kitchen satisfies Dolly Parton just fine, and her faith and optimism provide the energy she needs.

Nothing from the cannabis shop works for Dolly Parton

With characteristic Dolly Parton flair, “Team Dolly” took to social media to set the record straight, straight from their beloved namesake.

Regarding the many ad publications that try to promote Dolly Parton as a spokesperson, her team reiterates clearly that “Dolly Parton is not affiliated with, has not endorsed, and is not associated with any keto or CBD gummy product.

Furthermore, the final sentence speaks Dolly Parton, pure and simple. “She’s more the cake, cookie, and cornbread type,” Team Dolly signs off with a wink and a smile, and a kick of a sparkly, high-heel shoe.

‘My life just gets better and better,’ Dolly declares

Like every artist, even one who achieves every hallmark of a living legend, Dolly Parton wants to stay relevant, beyond commercial success.

“I get older and older, but I don’t feel it and I don’t work it,” the sensational senior ambassador stresses. “I just try to still work like I did when I was young.” In her youth and through several decades to follow, Dolly Parton fulfilled a relentless tour schedule. Now, the 9 To 5, fingernail-playing wonder prefers to perform on her own terms as Country Music Alley conveyed last October.

Parton plans to perform “occasional shows here and there,” and perhaps even “a long weekend of shows” as a special occasion. Still, the Tennessee treasure makes it clear that no full-scale touring is on her docket.

Recipes and rockin’ keep Dolly Parton youthful

Clearly, new projects inspire Dolly Parton like nothing else. Her upcoming rock album, set for a fall release, not only includes some classic songs but also, some royal heavy-hitters to sing them. So far, Joan Jett, Sir Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Sir Elton John, Steven Tyler, and John Fogerty are in the lineup to join in on Purple Rain, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Stairway To Heaven, which Dolly already covered in her 2002 album, Halos & Horns, with fiddles and faith thrown into her mix for added spiritual filling.

As it happens, Dolly Parton dishes out a plug for her new Duncan Hines mixes for cornbread and brownies, rather than a nasty scolding for the fake CBD gummy hucksters. Many celebrities, such as Oprah Winfrey, Rachael Ray, and many more, have dealt with false representation in phony ads.

Mick is due for discipline from Dolly

On the contrary, though, Dolly Parton reserves a scolding for one very famous Rolling Stone.  As Showbiz CheatSheet per MSN notes, Parton pines for Satisfaction to be a song for “just me and Mick,” Jagger, she means. She revealed that for now, Pink and Brandi Carlile are penciled in for the track on the double album project, Rock Star.


“I’m still waiting for Mick to come on back,” Dolly Parton confesses, adding “He might come through.”

If by chance the famous frontman disappoints Dolly Parton, though, he’s in for it. “I’ll kick his bony a** next time I see him,” the Rockin’ Years artist pledges.

For her part, Dolly Parton promises that Rock Star will be a one-and-only event, but what matters most to the ageless performer and cultural force for good is “to know that I seem to still be important in the world and I can still do some things to try to make life a little bit better if I can.”

Whether it’s the rock world or the real world, no world is good without Dolly Parton in it.

Keep up with Dolly Parton and tell us what you think about Rock Star in the comments on Country Music Alley.


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