Brad Paisley Braves July NYC Showers For ‘Today’ Fans

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Like every performer, country music’s Brad Paisley prefers sunny skies, perfect temperatures, and a fishing pole, as he declares in his 2002 hit, I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song). Of course, that massive country boy anthem was on deck for the singer-songwriter’s set on Today for the Friday gig this week. Sadly, though, Rockefeller Center never got a pass on precipitation from meteorologists.

Fate and his faithful following rallied to Brad Paisley’s side. While sunny skies cleared the summer storms, the three-time Grammy winner took the stage for his throng of fans that stuck it out and refused to go home or give in. Although the performer clearly relishes his return to performing, post-pandemic, the content on his Son Of The Mountains album is some of the most serious through his decades-long career.

Brad Paisley on being a father of boys and becoming serious-minded

After a slight snafu by Savannah Guthrie, dubbing Brad Paisley’s two sons with Kimberly Williams-Paisley as “little ones,” the 50-year-old father quickly deflected how “They’re not so little anymore. One is 16, and the other is 14.” Swiftly, the co-anchor acknowledged her mistake.”He’s going to love that I called them little,” Guthrie apologizes.

“One of them gets that a lot,” Papa Paisley interjects. In response to Hoda Kotb’s question on raising teenage boys, Brad Paisley declares “They’re good kids,” but declines the compliment that mom and dad “did something right.” He says, “It’s early. We’ve got a long way to go.”

In a somewhat shocking response, Brad Paisley admits he has no idea when the new album will be released. However, he does detail a plan for releasing “one song at a time” from the collection. He wants to “tell the stories people want to hear’’ as Yahoo News confirms. One of the songs Paisley wants sons, William and Jasper to hear is Same Here, co-written by Lee Thomas Miller, Paisley, and Taylor Goldsmith of the band, Dawes. Along with special guest, Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelinsky, the ballad embraces common values of humanity—freedom, love, encouragement, friendship, and creating the best world possible for our children.

To summarize, Brad Paisley concludes that the album “is the best work I’ve ever done.” The collection also contains songs that tackle the siege of opioid addiction in his native state of West Virginia and another centering on depression.

The water of a different kind

Earlier, in the wee hours of the day, Brad Paisley fans took cover, only to return as warm rays of the sun beat down. In conversation with 3rd Hour Today co-hosts, the country music superstar seemed genuinely astonished that “they did that.” Self-effacingly, Paisley promised that he would never be worthy of such a sacrifice of time and comfort. So, as a reward for the long wait, Brad Paisley performed Water with all the gusto of a boy, a rope, and a river. The crowd came to a frenzy as Brad offered the parallels between a boyhood inflatable pool, perfect wet T-shirt candidates at Daytona Beach, and delectable moments of having “nothing on– but water.”

Again and again, Brad Paisley served up plenty of close-up fan love while he shredded on his Fender Telecaster. He even kissed a baby in the process!

Who would Brad Paisley wait hours to see?

“Not me!” Brad Paisley adamantly exclaimed in reply to Craig Melvin’s question on which country music performer deserved such devotion and energy throughout the weather delay.

In truth, Brad Paisley shares something in common with Keith Urban, as Country Music Alley revealed back in September of 2021. Both Start A Band partners sense the mesmerizing power of the man in black.

“Maybe Johnny Cash, if he ever came back,” Paisley at last replied.

Not by coincidence, these artists of different generations embrace the essence of their genre– country music is truth.

Are you looking forward to Son of the Mountains? Let us know in the comments and keep up with Brad Paisley and your country music favorites at Country Music Alley.

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