Nicole Kidman Declares Her Daughters Adore Transcontinental Family Ties

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Without question, Nicole Kidman is one of the most luminous and acclaimed actors to ever grace the screen, whether large or small. Currently, the Oscar winner is enjoying the ride with Taylor Sheridan’s Special Ops: Lioness alongside Zoe Saldana. In fact, Kidman credits the “core casting choice” for drawing her to the espionage project, as CinemaBlend per MSN conveys.

Outside her film role, ” Lioness” fits Nicole Kidman’s protective sensibilities in parenting her daughters with country music’s shredder extraordinaire, Keith Urban, as well. Notoriously, the pair is fiercely protective of their beloved daughters, Sunday, 15, and Faith, 12. Country Music Alley captured the joy of Sunday’s 13th birthday back in July of 2021. Nicole is also mom to her two adult children, Bella, 30, and Connor, 28, with Tom Cruise.

For the Kidman-Urban clan, transcontinental travel is not just a joy ride– it is essential for family togetherness. As People relates in a recent feature, Mama Nicole Kidman describes how her daughters love traveling over land and sea in order to see family. Clearly, family means everything to this couple and that family refers to every extended member!

Nicole plays coy on giving dates away

Typically, the press always pushes for details. Australian reporter, Angela Bishop, was no exception with Nicole Kidman. She probed the Nine Perfect Strangers leading lady as to whether she and her family were “coming home soon.”

With perfect class and decorum, Nicole revealed that “Just family. Always family” dictates travel plans. “We jump in and out quite a bit,” Kidman notes. “Sometimes under the radar, which is lovely, too,” the Big Little Lies star playfully includes. Essentially, it seems like family travel plans are their own brand of special ops deployment. Still, the reward is the payoff.

A huge, happy part of life

Perennially, media outlets spin the sweet saga of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s courtship, marriage, and the arrival of their daughters. While the tendency exists to paint the journey like one from a storybook, the reality was far different, such as the intervention Nicole Kidman fostered for her husband just four months into their marriage. Show business notwithstanding, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban prove they have what it takes to forge an enduring commitment, as Nicole displayed in her 17th anniversary salute to her husband on social media last month. Black and white captures it best!

Becoming a family, too, demanded tremendous effort and sacrifice, along with divine intervention, for the parents. Not surprisingly, Nicole Kidman gushes with delight as she describes the Australian homecomings.

“The girls love it, too, so yeah, we’re very much always back and forth,” the 56–year-old Nashville to Sydney nester insists. She calls the regular visits to her sister “and all of my nieces and nephews and my mama,” complete with blowing a kiss, “a huge part of our life.” Consequentially, now that her mother, Janelle, is nearing her mid-80s, every minute together becomes more precious.

Nothing stops a Southern drawl

For his part, Keith Urban racks up his own mega-share of frequent flyer miles between his Planet Hollywood residency in Las Vegas and flights to the family home in Nashville and extended family down under.

Back in 2016, Nicole Kidman called her daughters “hybrids” since “They have a southern drawl.” “They have some Aussie,” creating an “unusual mix,” Mom concedes. Proudly, though, Kidman pronounces that “My daughters are Nashvillians!”

Universally, music crosses every border of cultures and geography to build bridges of understanding and love. Keith Urban paused to pay tribute to Tony Bennett, who passed only yesterday, July 21, at age 96.

In a standout statement from the country music world, Keith Urban praised “What a legacy of not only superb, timeless music, but a class act study in cool, grace, and elegance.”

Sadly, the days of earthly lives pass quickly, but music and memories live on forever and remain priceless, far beyond the price of any airline ticket.

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