Ashley McBryde Gives Her Mom Prime Part In ‘Light On In The Kitchen’

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Like many gifted country music artists, Ashley McBryde understands the power of a good “hook” in a song. From A Bible And A .44 to The First Thing I Reach For and any point in between through her poignant and personal catalog, the Girl Goin’ Nowhere songwriter aims straight for the hearts of her faithful fans. Undoubtedly, too, Ashley McBryde knows that human beings have the knack to recall the last person they see, not just the words they hear.

For her official video release of Light On In The Kitchen, Ashley McBryde combines the tender reflections of the ballad with the beautiful image of one of the most precious people in her life– her mom. Read further to discover how the process of casting mother and daughter together unfolded.


A light on in the kitchen speaks of safety and comfort across the globe

“We know the light is on for comfort,” Ashley McBryde stresses in an Audacy per MSN feature, “all across the world.”  Assuredly, McBryde extends that the title and lyrics also convey “I’m thinking of you. The same comfort you get from being around with a light on in the kitchen.” Furthermore, the multiple CMA and ACM award holder insists that the song conveys “If you need me, I’m here.” Naturally, no one lives by that pledge deeper than a mother, and Ashley McBryde’s mom, Martha Wilkins, proves no exception.

For her part, Ashley McBryde maintains that the homespun tradition holds true for her, her mom, and her sister to this day, “even if it’s just a refrigerator light.” Exquisitely crafted, the black and white video balances memories of childhood and youth through adult years with depicted scenes and shots of the McBryde with her band performing the tune. At the powerful closing, Ashley McBryde transitions from the guide through the journey to the daughter, gently taking her mother’s hands at the table.


Mom isn’t the only one applauding Ashley

Of course, mothers universally maintain the cheering section for their progeny, through boos or triumphant applause. Speaking of rousing approval, Ashley McBryde certainly got her fill of the satisfying sounds of an audience chorus during her CMA Fest performance of Light On In The Kitchen, as American Songwriter notes.

Remarkably, females of every skin tone and hair texture embraced “When you make friends always be colorblind/Freckles make you pretty/There’s more to life than being skinny/If you feel fat it’s mostly in your mind” ahead of the surging admonition “If something tries to hold you back/Get up and give it hell.” The Country Music Association deemed the performance so meaningful that it credited Ashley McBryde under its title “Ashley McBryde Teaches Us To Love Ourselves.” Abundantly, the artist offered nods, special gazes of appreciation, and a final point and exclamation as she left the stage.

In the song’s final plea, McBryde urges “For heaven’s sake, always have a place where you can do some cryin’ and some bitchin’,” before its final reminder to always leave a light on in the kitchen.


Not surprisingly, most mothers are pros at keeping secrets. Back in early October last year, Martha Wilkins pulled off a big secret on broadcast television. Country Music Alley captured Ashley McBryde’s complete surprise when Garth Brooks extended her invitation to the Grand Ole Opry. Loyal to her mission, Martha kept all the plans under wraps for two weeks, and her warm embrace with Ashley made it all worth it.

A Presidential pick

Routinely, former President Barack Obama compiles and releases his favorite selections in music, books, and movies. As the Arkansas Times relates, the prior chief executive was a bit early for Light On In The Kitchen, while he was smitten with The Devil I Know, the country-rock-infused title track of Ashley McBryde’s album, set to release on September 8.

Usually, every chosen title on President Obama’s list gets an impressive boost. With the heart and heartfelt talent behind Light On In The Kitchen, not to mention her real mother’s touch, this collection is already a keeper.

Does Light On In The Kitchen make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Give it a shout in the comments below.

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